What is a Tuition Payment Plan or TPP?

Tuition Payment Plans (TPP) are available to students on an as needed basis. The TPP outlines your financial obligations while enrolled. Your TPP covers all tuition and fees  billed to your student account for the length of your program. The quarterly amount will be billed to your account on the first day of the quarter. The first day you attend class, you become responsible for these charges. Please note student account charges do not include the cost of books, tools, supplies or materials. 

Here is an example of a Tuition Payment Plan:

How Payments Work

Tuition is billed on a quarterly basis. Tuition is generally due at the start of each program quarter. An optional Tuition Payment Plan (TPP) available on an as needed basis is available which may be subjected to a fee and late charges, and which allows a maximum of three payments over the term. Failure to comply with the TPP may result in removal from class. A student with a balance owing on his/her account may not be allowed to continue to the next term.

How Financial Aid Impacts your Payments

Many students receive financial aid to help cover their tuition costs. If your financial aid covers all of the charges on your student account, you will not be expected to make a payment. If you get more than enough to cover all charges, the difference will be released to you in the form of a direct deposit. You have the option to hold excess on your account for future charges by filing out a Hold Authorization Form.

If your financial aid does not cover all of the charges on your student account, your aid will be applied toward the last monthly payment of the quarter first. Any amount not covered by financial aid must be paid at the beginning of the quarter. If your balance exceeds the minimum amount due, you are only responsible for the monthly payment amount by the 1st of the month.

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