U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT OF STATE: Security Technical Specialist - Washington D.C

Employer: U.S. Department of State - Diplomatic Security Service

Job Description:
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This position is in the U.S, Foreign Service with the U.S. Department of State. Security Technical Specialists will live and work abroad and support and assist in worldwide technical security programs to maintain and provide protection for Department of State personnel and facilities from technical espionage, acts of terrorism, and crime.

The duties of a Security Technical Specialist (STS) vary according to the size of the post and the requirements of the specific diplomatic mission. The following are examples of the types of duties and responsibilities assigned to an STS at posts around the world, or in domestic locations. This list is neither exhaustive, nor in priority order:

-Install, maintain, repair, and troubleshoot a multitude of technical security systems to include alarms, access control systems, locks, vehicle arrest systems, security video systems, explosive detection systems, X-ray machines, computer networking equipment, and forced entry ballistic resistant doors.
-Assist with and/or perform technical surveys, system specifications, and equipment installations.
-Conduct technical security design evaluations based on government regulations and standards.
-Prepare formal updates to architectural drawings according to government regulations and standards.
-Apply IT best practices to monitor and troubleshoot networking equipment, workstations, servers, and applications.
-Plan technical support trips, coordinate logistics, and travel to overseas embassies and consulates.
-Use sophisticated electronic test equipment: oscilloscopes, time domain reflectometers, etc.
-Manage equipment supply chain logistics– shipping, receiving, Bill-of-Materials (BOM) preparation using a Computerized Maintenance Management System.
-Oversee and supervise the X-ray and explosive detection programs, to include repairing and performing radiation checks.
-Maintain/repair electro-mechanical systems using electronic test equipment.
-Organize and maintain shops, storerooms, shop tools, equipment, parts, and supplies.
-Work with or supervise host country personnel (locally employed staff) when required.
-Test new-generation technical security equipment.
-Provide technical security support to high level USG officials and foreign dignitaries.
-Manage training programs for various technical security systems.
-Train security personnel at posts as required.
-Take coursework to maintain and upgrade technical skills.
-Write technical reports, including project proposals, equipment and/or system evaluations, maintenance and/or installation activity reports, technical field notices, trip reports, and other documentation as required.
-Assist in the project management of security contracts. Serve as Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) and as Government Technical Monitor (GTM).
-Supervise regional security technicians as assigned.
-Mentor and supervise junior STS personnel and write employee evaluations when assigned.
-Learn department hiring and management best practices to apply them as a supervisor or when assisting in hiring processes.

Conditions of Employment
Be a U.S. citizen and available for worldwide service.*
Be able to obtain a Top Secret Security Clearance.
Be able to obtain an appropriate Foreign Service Medical Clearance.
Be able to obtain a favorable Suitability Review Panel determination.**
Be at least 20 years old and at least 21 years old to be appointed.
Be appointed prior to age 60 (preference eligible veterans excepted).***
Driver's License: A valid U.S. driver's license is required.

A physical examination of each applicant offered a position is required to ensure that the candidate meets the essential physical and medical requirements necessary to perform the essential functions of the job and can meet the standards required for a worldwide medical clearance. Candidates must have vision that is correctable to 20/20 in one eye and 20/40 in the other, no color blindness, adequate night vision, and good peripheral vision. In addition, candidates must have good hearing with no loss of greater than 30 decibels at 500, 1000, or 2000 Hz level. The musculoskeletal system should have no deformities, diseases, or limiting conditions that would interfere with the performance of duties. The supplemental standards for the STS position can be found at https://careers.state.gov/downloads/ under Documents and Forms/Three Conditions of Diplomatic Security Employment/Security Technical Specialists/Supplemental Standards.

Note: The medical examination is required only after a candidate has successfully passed the written and oral assessments. It is not part of the initial application package.

Applicants must have at least two years of specialized experience, which demonstrates the ability to troubleshoot and repair electronic, electrical, and/or electro-mechanical systems and equipment, and is supported by work experience in this discipline.
Examples of experience include, but are not limited to the following:
Troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and installation of AC power distribution systems, motor-generators.
Troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and installation of motors, motor controls, disconnects, relays.
Troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and installation of low voltage DC electronic systems.
Troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and installation of low voltage DC electro-mechanical systems.
Use, repair, and/or calibration of electronic test equipment – meters, oscilloscopes.
Bench repair of electronic, electrical, and electro-mechanical equipment to the component level.
Troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and installation of mechanical and electro-mechanical locking systems – electronic strikes, locks.
Troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and installation of pedestrian and vehicular access control systems – door controls, vehicle barriers /arrest.
Troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and installation of security video systems and supporting network components.
Troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and installation of metal detectors – hand held, walk through.
Troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and installation of radio communications systems, voice and digital communications networks.
Troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and installation of Intrusion Detection Systems – alarms, detectors, sensors.
Troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and installation of Public Address Systems – emergency notification systems, intercoms.
Troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and installation of IT workstations, network equipment, servers, and cabling (copper and fiber optics.)

Please review the full post and how to apply at: https://www.usajobs.gov/job/700466200
Please contact [email protected] to learn more!

Contact Person: Jason Haskins
Phone: 771-206-2376
Email: [email protected]
Location: Washington, DC
Application Method: Email [email protected]
Base Pay: $55,100 - $88,916 per year

Posted on March 16, 2023

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