Top 5 Signs You Might Be a Machinist

November 26, 2019

Straight from the Instructors

With an ever-changing landscape in the workplace often driven by technological advancements, now more than ever it is critical that you choose a career field more carefully than ever before.  There are several factors that drive the decision making process including wage, current demand, future expectations and personal satisfaction, but we think in order to really make an educated decision, you might be interested in what our instructors have identified as desirable traits that they have seen over the years in their specific field: Precision Machining & Manufacturing.

What did our instructors say makes a great machinist?  Let us examine the top five signs:

5) Attention to detail – Everything hinges on the smallest of details.  Often as a machinist, you are creating a component of a larger interdependent system that relies on accuracy.  Without attention to detail those two pieces wouldn’t be compatible.

4) You are mechanically inclined – From gears to robotics and everything in between, you are fascinated with it all.  You just get it, when you see something you have an idea of how it must work or is used to serve a purpose.  When you see something broken you either know how to fix it or you at very least feel compelled to take a crack at it.

3) Makers make things – No, really! Our instructors have found that machinists like to create things.  From nuts and bolts, to cell phones, tractor parts and trains, planes and automobiles.  Machinists are at the center of it all.   To put it simply, machinists keep us moving. 

2) You like math – more and more industry is finding a way to make things increasingly automated.  Using tools like a CNC machine or a 3D Printer, you enjoy creating the mathematical formulas required to program a device to produce your widget at the exact tolerance that only a machine can make.

1) Problem solving – Machinists seem to have a real knack for developing solutions.  If you like to figure out how and/or why things work, then you may have found a career best fit for you.  On the daily, machinists have to constantly think on their feet.  Whether it is a way to improve a process to reduce costs or to speed up production, the role you play is a critical one to the success of your organization.

To learn more about the program, please visit the Precision Machining & Manufacturing Program page.


Top 5 Signs You Might Be a Machinist
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