Students Lead Effort to Keep Campus Clean

May 08, 2019

A few different Perry Tech campus events are happening this month, and the first one was organized this week by some of thoughtful students. A group from the Instrumentation & Industrial Automation Technology program wanted to pitch in to keep the Perry Tech campus beautiful.

Instrumentation student Hillary Galloway worked with her program's ISA officers (International Society of Automation) to put together a clean up event on May 8th that focused on areas near the stream that cuts through campus. "I was walking from the main campus back to Plath Hall one day, I saw a huge chunk of styrofoam and a soda bottle. So I asked, 'Who takes care of this area?' Others were interested in helping and thought it was a good idea, so that's where it all started."

Hillary joined more than twenty other concerned students from her program who wanted to take action to reduce litter found near their building. During after-school hours, they gathered and picked up everything from old pipes to heavy tires.

Despite the 80 degree temperature, the students rolled up their sleeves and put in the hard work. With smiles on their faces, Instrumentation students like Hillary felt inspired to keep their campus beautiful. "I'm glad our program could spearhead it and put our stamp on it. Hopefully the whole school will get to be a part of it on a larger scale."

Looking ahead to later this month, Perry Tech will hold a "Campus Beautification Day" event on May 23rd. Perry Tech staff members will volunteer during different shifts throughout the day, doing various projects around the school. Duties will include a variety of things like spreading landscaping rock, planting flowers/trees/shrubs and general clean up.



Students Lead Effort to Keep Campus Clean
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