100+ Companies Visit Perry Tech as Employer Expo Expands

April 24, 2019

With more than one hundred companies in attendance, Perry Tech held its largest employer expo to date on April 24th, 2019. In order to accommodate the growing list of interested employers, the Career Services Department split the expo into two separate sessions. 

All students were invited to network with the companies who visited in the morning and afternoon, most of them setting up in the main campus building. The morning session also included nearly a dozen employers who focused their efforts recruiting in the medical building on 16th Avenue. 

Employer Sally Sanchez attended the spring expo, representing Cascade Foot and Ankle clinics of Yakima and Ellensburg. Once a Perry Tech student herself, she graduated from both the Medical Assistant and Medical Office Administration & Coding programs. Sally says she couldn't resist the opportunity to recruit Perry Tech students as future employees. 

"As a Perry Tech graduate, I know the hard work that goes into the education here," said Sally. "As an employer, we know we don’t have to babysit, we know we don’t have to train them in things like business etiquette. They’re already taught that at Perry Tech. At some other schools, we have to train them on those things that we wish they already knew."

All of Perry Tech's 13 programs were represented at the expo, which had the campus buzzing in excitement all day. 

"About a quarter of the employers who attended this expo were here for the first time," explained Tressa Shockley, Career Services Manager at Perry Tech. "The employers have told me that students they talked to were very well-prepared, professional, and so respectful. I loved hearing that."

"Perry Tech graduates know their stuff." said employer Sally Sanchez. "They’re ready to go. They’ve already been taught and we don’t have to constantly be looking after them. They know when they come to work it’s to work, not to be on their phone or off-task."

The next expo will take place on Wednesday, October 9th, 2019. 

Employers can participate next time by contacting the Career Services Department at [email protected] or 509-453-0374.

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100+ Companies Visit Perry Tech as Employer Expo Expands
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