Reporting a Crime or Emergency

Security is achieved through the cooperation and participation of all members of the institute. All staff, faculty, students, and visitors are expected to promptly and accurately report any crime, suspicious activity, accident, theft, safety issue, complaint, etc. to the Director of Facilities and Safety, regardless of severity. Prompt reporting aids in providing a timely warning notice or emergency notification to the campus when appropriate. If the situation poses an immediate threat, call 911.

Reporting a Crime or Emergency:


Call to report an emergency


Campus Security Office


Campus Security Guard on Patrol



Reported incidents will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel to work with individuals reporting a crime to obtain information and evidence, identify potential witnesses, and conduct a thorough investigation in an effort to identify the responsible party and come to a resolution. When appropriate, crime suspects will be adjudicated through the student conduct system, employee conduct system, or criminal justice system.

To help maintain a safe campus, please promptly report any crime, suspicious activity, accident, theft, or safety issue to Campus Security at 509-895-5898 or through the Campus Incident Report Form.


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