CHELAN FRUIT: Refrigeration Operator - Chelan, WA

Employer: Chelan Fruit

Job Description:
Vision: Deliver a sustainable farm-to-family tree fruit experience.

Mission: We passionately grow and partner with growers to serve high quality fresh fruit to consumers. We improve the lives of our growers, employees, and partners.

Values: Demonstrates behaviors which contribute to the growth and achievement of our mission:

Job Duties/Responsibilities:
Operate facility in accordance with company standards.
Walk the catwalks and hallways and make sure nothing is wrong with the equipment.
Be frequently on call.
Be willing and able to respond to plant dialers when called.
Monitor the water treatment chemicals as needed.
Communicate with the supervisor on necessary setpoint changes.

Education & Experience:
•Knowledge of Refrigeration systems.
•RETA Certification preferred but not required.
•Technical School Degree a plus.

Pre-Employment Requirements:
•Drug test & background check required

Certificates & Licenses:
•Forklift certification (preferred but not required)

Equipment/Technology Skills:
•Experience working with industry equipment including ammonia screw compressors, BPR’s, liquid valves, condensers, pump.
•Ability to maintain CA logs.
•Ability to maintain Machine room and compressor logs as it maintains to Mechanical Integrity.

Physical Abilities:
•Ability to frequently perform various activities that require; sitting, standing, walking, pulling/pushing objects, climbing, grasp & reach.
•Must have good vision, smell and hearing
•Ability to coordinate eyes, hands, fingers, and feet accurately and handle precise movements
•Ability to occasionally lift 40 lbs. from floor/ shoulder level
Mental/Other Skills & Abilities:
•Ability to adapt to changes, delays or unexpected events in the work environment; ability to manage competing demands and prioritize tasks; ability to change approach or method to best fit the situation
•Ability to maintain focus for extended periods of time; ability to complete projects with resourcefulness; ability to synthesize complex or diverse information; ability to use intuition and experience to complement existing data
•Ability to follow instructions, both in written and verbal format; ability to respond to management direction; ability to complete tasks on time or notify the appropriate person with an alternate plan when necessary
•Ability to maintain satisfactory relationships with others, excellent customer service skills and a good overall understanding of appropriate human relations
•Ability to make prudent and timely decisions; ability to exhibit sound and accurate judgment; ability to explain reasoning for decisions
•Ability to identify and/or prevent problems; ability to formulate alternative solutions to problems when necessary; ability to transfer learning from past experiences to new experiences of similar nature
•Ability to complete duties, on time; ability to edit the accuracy and thoroughness of one’s work as well as the work of others; ability to constructively apply feedback to improve performance, ability to generate ideas to improve and promote quality in work
•Basic English ability
•Basic mathematical ability to add, subtract
•Basic reasoning ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form; ability to deal with problems involving several concrete variables in standardized situations

Workplace Environmental Conditions:
•Ability to tolerate potential harsh weather conditions for short or long periods of time
•Exposed during a shift to constant or intermittent sounds at a level sufficient to potentially cause hearing loss or fatigue
•Injury exposure to workplace hazards, warehousing machinery

“Chelan Fruit provides reasonable accommodations to assist qualified individuals in order to perform the essential duties/requirements their job requires. The description is intended to provide only basic guidelines for meeting job requirements and serves as merely a summary rather than a complete listing of duties. Responsibilities, knowledge, skills, abilities, and working conditions may change as needs evolve. This job description does not constitute a contract as employment is at will.”

Contact Person: Alissa Senyitko
Phone: 509-682-4542 ext. 203
Email: [email protected]
Location: • ,
Application Method: Apply Online
Base Pay: $24.00-$27.00 starting

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Posted on May 09, 2023

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