Network Technician - Yakima, WA

Employer: Lumen

Job Description:
The Main Responsibilities
Maintains/repairs and tests copper cable in an underground, aerial, or buried environment.
Troubleshoots problems that will require cable repair, cable maintenance, air pressure, splicing, faultfinding, etc.
Makes splicing rearrangements on existing facilities in buried, underground, aerial and building work locations.
Uses heavy-duty power equipment (e.g., compressors, pumps, blowers), hand tools, power tools (air and electric), and specialty tools, including electric and electronic measuring devices (e.g., multi-meters, volt-ohm meters), in the construction and repair of outside plant facilities.
Performs testing and turn-up of subscriber lines, carrier plant, and copper cable plant.
Locates and repairs air leaks in aerial, underground, and/or buried cable.
Locates, joins, repairs and rearranges cable and cable conductors in buildings and aerial or buried plant.
Initiates or performs cable cuts, transfer projects, and/or load balance cuts, and issues necessary cuts to prevent blocking.
Repairs, and tests residential/small business telecommunication service (POTS and DSL).
Connects wires and cables to terminals, and attaches/detaches various kinds of hardware to wires, cables, buildings, and poles.
Performs continuity and/or conformance testing.
Reads and interprets customer service orders, technical drawings, maps, blueprints, diagrams, etc.
Works with telecom color-coded wires and cables.
Customer advocate to promote and sell CenturyLink products and services.

What We Look For in a Candidate
At least six (6) months of experience within the last five years connecting telecom color-coded wires and cables to terminals, attaching or detaching various kinds of hardware to wires, cables, buildings and poles.
Knowledge of basic electricity, as it relates to telecommunications (through classes or on-the-job training), which includes: knowledge related to the basic principles, theories, and applications of electricity (e.g., voltage, current, resistance, power, grounding, insulation, Ohm’s Law, AC/DC); knowledge of basic electrical components (e.g., conductors, insulators, switches, capacitors, inductors, transformers) and basic circuit design; and knowledge of the operation and application of common electrical components and common measurement instruments (e.g., multi-meters, etc.).
Working knowledge of test equipment (e.g., HST3000, TBERD, Sidekick, 965DSP, transmission measuring sets).
Ability to use established electrical, digital, and/or mechanical principals and to perform appropriate tests to identify and solve problems encountered on the job.
Ability to efficiently and accurately work with multiple types of information and/or perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
Ability to complete designated amount of work in a specified timeframe (e.g., quality jobs per day), adjusting work assignments or schedules to meet changing work-related priorities or demands.
Ability to provide efficient, quality service to both internal and external customers both face-to-face and over-the-phone.
Ability to work well with others to achieve common goals and to foster a cooperative climate, as well as to work independently in the field with little supervision.
Ability to perceive differences in wire and telecom cable color.
Ability to climb and work at elevations (e.g., from ladders, poles, lift trucks) exceeding 18 feet.
Ability to work in confined spaces (e.g., attics, crawl spaces, utility holes).
Ability to perform strenuous physical activities including, but not limited to: lifting objects weighing over 75 pounds. – Employment is contingent upon passage of the strength test.
Ability to perform job activities outdoors in different weather conditions (e.g., extreme cold and/or heat, inclement weather).
A valid State driver’s license with a current satisfactory driving record.
Ability to work varying shifts and hours including possible mandatory overtime, weekends and holidays.

Contact Person: Miller
Email: [email protected]
Location: Yakima, WA
Application Method: Email
Base Pay: $13.80-$36.48

Posted on August 22, 2022

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