Transportation Technician 3 - Union Gap, WA

Employer: WSDOT

Job Description:
This position supports WSDOT’s mission by ensuring that highway construction projects are designed, constructed,
and administered in compliance with agency policies, procedures, and practices. This is accomplished by performing
basic engineering tasks in support of the work assigned to the Project Engineering Office.

Materials Testing
Tasks include:
Serves as a field inspector who collects materials samples, perform a variety of job-site tests,
records test data and compares test results with contract requirements. Inspects at an asphalt or
concrete plant by observing batching operations, performing materials tests, collecting samples,
checking plant equipment and procedures, completing paperwork; performs soils tests such as
proctor density; performs aggregate tests such as sieve analysis, sand equivalent and moisture
content; serves as a crushing plant inspector; performs concrete tests such as yield, slump and air
entrainments, casts cylinders; performs asphalt mix tests such as extraction and maximum density;
operates nuclear densometer.

Preliminary Engineering / Design
Tasks include:
Performs a variety of semi-skilled project development support tasks, Utilizes CAD and other
design software to produce plan sheets, from basic data supplied by the designer, drafts and/or
revises plans, details, base maps, vicinity maps, contour maps, profiles, etc.; details simple
structures and portions of complex structures; reduces field notes; computes and plots cross
sections, alignment, roadway sections; calculate and/or check calculations for cuts, fills, areas,
quantities, elevations, grades, coordinates and curves; codes and inputs data for routine

Survey Crew
Tasks include:
Assists the Survey Party Chief by serving as rod person and backup instrument operator. Sets up
and operates various survey equipment such as a level, rod, prism poles, targets, and backsights
on survey projects; learns to use total station and other survey instruments; marks and sets stakes,
hubs and lath; takes notes manually or with data collector, learns to download and upload data
collector to/from computer.

Office Engineering
Tasks include:
Performs a variety of semi-skilled construction office engineering tasks; assists in checking
inspector's calculations and field note records; compiles information; checks entries into the ledger
system; assists in checking inspector's daily force account sheets, calculates equipment and wage
rates; monitors contractor's payroll, wage and EEO submittals; learns to run pre-estimate and
monthly estimate reports; assists in calculation of final quantities and final estimate; assists in
checking final record notes and compiling final records; assists in writing project histories; reduces
field notes and calculates elevations, cuts and fills; computes and plots cross sections and grades;
drafts plans, profiles and "as-builts."

Required Qualifications:
Associates Degree in Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Technology or Surveying, with minimum of a year of
experiences as a Transportation Technician 2 or equivalent.
A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering
Certification as an Engineer in-Training
A Land Surveyor’s License
• Valid driver’s license

• Must be able to perform mathematical calculations at or above a high school geometry level.
• Ability to obtain and maintain all required WSDOT testing and inspection certifications, including but not limited to
WAQTC, within the first year of employment.
• Proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite of software (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)
• Work for extended periods at a desk while performing office functions
• Perform CAD skills or have the ability to learn CAD skills within six months of hiring.
• Communicate complex concepts clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.
• Apply engineering concepts, principles and WSDOT standard procedures to develop Plans, Specifications and
Estimates (PS&E) and inspect and administer highway construction projects.

Preferred/Desired Qualifications:
• Experience with Bentley CADD products including Microstation and InRoads.
• Experience as a rodman, conducting topographic surveys.
• Experience testing materials and inspecting construction activities for conformance with contract requirements.

Contact Person: Travis Vanderpool
Location: Union Gap, WA
Application Method: email
Base Pay: DOQ

Posted on May 31, 2022

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