Combination Welder- Aberdeen, WA

Employer: Cascade Natural Gas Corporation

Job Description:
Under general supervision, is required to use oxyacetylene, electric welding and heat fusion methods to
perform joining operations necessary to construct and maintain either high or low pressure vessels, meter
and regulator stations, pipelines or piping systems; lays out, measures, cuts, fits and otherwise prepares,
material for joining; performs other duties relating to the maintenance and repair of distribution piping
and equipment.

(a) Attend a one (1) week weld certification program with a minimum of 40 hours monitored by division personnel.
(b) Employee’s who fail shall be afforded a second weld certification program within 30 days, minimum of 40 hours monitored by division personnel.
(c) Employee’s who fail the second weld certification program shall have the right to return to their former position.
(d) Effective for employees bidding into this position after May 8, 2009.

Minimum Qualifications:
Should have a high school education or its equivalent and a minimum of six (6) months progressive experience in pipefitting work. Should have a minimum of one (1) years training and experience in welding in the gas or related utility industry; must be able to work from and complete legible construction drawings; should be familiar with the hazards involved in welding and fusing in the presence of gas vapors. Will have satisfactorily completed a course of instruction at a Cascade Natural Gas Corporation welding and fusion school. Must secure and maintain a valid first aid card. Must be able to qualify for and acquire commercial drivers license.

Welders must maintain their proficiency in oxyacetylene, arc welding and fusing. Qualification tests constitute the Company policy in maintaining this proficiency. Every welder must submit test coupons as required, and field test coupons may be taken from any welder or from any weld at any time. These must pass the qualification test which is outlined in Cascade’s Company Procedures or the Heat Fusion Qualification Guide.

Employee bidding into this position, must meet the minimum qualifications and submit weld coupons to the Fab Shop for acceptance into the welding certification program within 5 days of being awarded the position. Employees who fail to be accepted or voluntarily remove his/her self from a bid shall have the right to return to their former job within 5 working days of award date.

Please apply at

Contact Person:
Location: Aberdeen, WA
Application Method: Online:
Base Pay: $42.89/ HR

Posted on January 06, 2022

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