Systems Integration Engineer - Chicago, IL

Employer: Corso Systems

Job Description:
The Systems Integration Engineer is responsible for end-to-end consultation and development with customers to create custom software automation applications. This process can include development independently of a team or taking leadership of a project and facilitating a path forward for the team involved. This position requires a wide range of skills including project management, developing custom solutions for edge case scenarios, handling feedback from customers and potentially plotting new courses to success. The projects involved will stretch across almost every industry with a primary focus upon MES and SCADA solutions, but the research and development team is regularly deploying new solutions and the right candidate will be able to adapt and understand new material and products as they are developed.

Works well in a team oriented setting.
Thrives as a self-starter.
A desire to expand knowledge and, in turn, share that knowledge with the surrounding team.
Desired experience:
Experience with Ignition, Tulip, or equivalent automation software
Experience with Sepasoft or equivalent MES software
Experience programming in Python, Javascript, React, Ladder-Logic and/or Node-RED

Working at Corso:
As a member of the Corso Systems team you will work with leading manufacturing companies to understand and optimize their operations. Our projects are typically at the intersection of people, technology, and information. While every project is different, we typically build systems to integrate manufacturing processes with business process information, and work with the employees of our customers to understand how they need our solutions to function so they have the highest impact.
You will be presented with interesting problems to solve, be given the tools and support to implement solutions, and work with our customers to ensure their success whole using our solutions. In no particular order of importance or frequency, you will be able to work with the following:
Manufacturing Execution (MES) Systems
Web-Based Software, including SaaS Applications
Cloud-based network architectures
Process Control Systems
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
Process Analytics systems
Machine Learning and AI platforms
Computer networking
Software integrations, and APIs
Emerging technology

We provide the option of working remotely during the development phase of projects, and traveling to customer facilities as needed for commissioning systems. We do get together multiple times a year for everyone to meet face-to-face, and have many projects where multiple people will be on-site simultaneously. Our customer base is primarily focused in the US, with the possibility of occasional travel abroad. A typical day involves communication via Slack and Zoom for screensharing. We have a flexible workflow and toolset so we can stay ahead of industry norms while we are doing what we do best. We provide excellent training and support, and strive to give our team members the freedom to develop project architectures and take a proactive approach with finding the best solutions for our customers.
People who do well at Corso Systems enjoy learning and solving interesting challenges. You do not need to have a particular educational background. We do a lot of software development, so some experience and aptitude for programming is ideal. Experience with databases and web-based architectures is a plus, and any industry-specific experience is helpful. If you can learn and solve problems we can get you up to speed on our brand of project execution.

Pay: Negotiable based on experience

Contact Person: Scott Emond
Phone: 5519984810
Location: Chicago, IL
Application Method: Email
Base Pay: Negotiable

Posted on October 20, 2021

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