Instrument Tech (2 roles) - Yakima, WA

Employer: John I. Haas, Inc.

Job Description:
Instrument Tech-John I Haas, Inc.
Full-time graveyard shift 12am-12pm
Safely and efficiently run the high pressure CO2 Extraction Plant. Must be able to identify process problems, make necessary repairs and adjustments and assist in training new employees.

Education/Experience/Skills required of the Position)
1. Must have already completed CO2 Technician and Senior Technician training.
2. Be able to operate, troubleshoot and repair high-pressure equipment.
3. Understand electricity, control theory, hydraulics and operating automated controls.
4. Instrument technician training is desirable.
5. Previous experience operating an automated plant.
6. Proven mechanical and electrical skills are a plus.
7. 2 to 5 years as CO2 Senior Technician Grade 2 (or equivalent)

Conditions of Employment:
1. Work a 42.5-hour work week with the ability to work a twelve-hour shift, as needed.
2. Must pass cardiopulmonary function and drug tests on a continuing basis.
3. Ability to climb stairs and ladders and to walk in high elevation catwalk areas.
4. Ability to lift 75 pounds.
5. Must not have sensitivity to hop allergies.
6. Must exercise good judgment.
7. Become certified to drive a forklift.
8. Must be clean-shaven in order to wear a Scott Air-Pak.
9. Must have adequate hearing and vision to perform the job.
10. Must join the Teamsters Union.
11. Able to view a computer screen, type on a keyboard, use a mouse and respond to audible alarms.
12. Lift, grasp and manipulate a twenty-foot long extractor pole to unload extractors.
13. Inspect equipment for proper lubrication and operation.
14. Ability to perform abstract thinking.
15. Demonstrate leadership skills.
16. Must be able to recognize when to ask for help with a process or equipment problem.
17. Must be able to trouble-shoot and handle major and unusual process, equipment or people problems with minimum supervision.
18. Must be able to overhaul major equipment with minimal supervision, including, but no limited to:
1. Dust collection systems
2. URACA pumps
3. Mogas valves
4. Kammer valves
5. UHDE cylinders
19. Positive attitude, strong work ethic and ability to work well with fellow employees.
20. Have a clean work history (i.e. no disciplinary letters).
21. Senior technicians will be trained in the following areas:
1. Thermodynamics
2. Instruments and controls
3. Computers
4. Critical pressure extraction process
5. Operation, repair and maintenance of pumps, heat exchangers, refrigeration systems, compressed air systems, CO2 systems, steam/condensate systems and material handling systems.
6. Procedures for tag out and isolating lines.
7. Will be trained in the same subjects as the technicians.
22. Must comply with all John I. Haas, Inc. policies and procedures.

Contact Person:
Location: Yakima, WA
Application Method:
Base Pay: DOQ

Posted on December 31, 1969

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