Engineering Technician - Charleston, SC

Employer: NextBev Process Systems

Job Description:
We are a small controls engineering, process design, and programming company. Our expertise is in automated blending systems. Our customers are in the Beverage Industry (Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Sam Adams), Dairy Industry (LALA Foods), Food Industry (Ralcorp), and Personal Hygiene industry (Rockline Industries).
We are looking for a capable graduate with an Associates degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Computer Engineering that is looking for a challenging, hands on, yet unorthodox engineering position within our professional team.
Our equipment designs uses mass flow meters, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, level sensors etc. in order automate blending, deaeration, carbonation, and refrigeration processes with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's).
Projects range from process design and programming of automated equipment using PLC's, to calibrating flow meters, and sensors, to providing trouble shooting service support.
The bulk of the work is performed at customers plants across the United States and parts of Canada. So, the ability to travel 70% is required.
We work in the Food and Beverage industry where background checks may be required before entry, so the candidate must be physically fit, non-smoker, no DUI's or illegal drug issues. The ability to drive, and possess a valid drivers license is required. Air travel is required.
We are not a brick and mortar company, but the candidate must reside in the Charleston, South Carolina area in order to expedite orientation to the business.
Target Skills Sought
• Associates Degree in Engineering Technology (Mechanical, Electrical, Computer etc.)
• Troubleshooting skills
• Mechanical aptitude to understand process systems and components
• Must be able to work as a team member, as well as autonomously
• Proficient with a variety of hand tools, diagnostic tools, power tools, multi-meters.
Tasks Involved with
• Customer service - trouble shooting existing equipment.
• Calibration Service - calibrating flow meters and sensors on existing equipment.
• Machine/Process Design - Review Process Drawings and Electrical Drawings.
• Equipment Startup - participating in the commissioning of new equipment.
• Training customers on the operation of automated equipment.
• Rebuilds - participate in rebuilding components on existing equipment.
Candidate will work as a 1099 contractor. The expectation of 36 (non-contiguous) weeks of travel per year. Beginning pay of $25 per hour per hour office time, $30 per hour Travel time and $38 On-site Service time with mileage and Per-Diem pay.

Contact Person: Mary Ellen Urig
Phone: 843-277-5860
Location: Charleston, SC
Application Method: Email
Base Pay: $38 HR

Posted on January 03, 2020
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