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Employer: CenturyLink

Job Description:
Job Summary
Taking it to another level connecting our customers to the Power of the Digital World!
Join our team as a Technician providing excellence in servicing the customer, selling our products and integrated communications services. What are the advantages to joining our dynamic technical team? Here are just a few - paid training, tuition assistance available, tools, test equipment and a company vehicle you will need to perform your job as well as you will have rapid progressive earning potential and advancement opportunities.

Job Description
• Analyzes and troubleshoots basic technical problems or issues.
• Reviews and discusses service order requirements and equipment requests with customers, evaluating customers, telecommunication needs and suggesting additional/alternative service as appropriate.
• Installs, maintains/repairs, and tests residential/small business telecommunication service (POTS, Hicap circuits and DSL).
• Makes splicing rearrangements on existing facilities in buried, underground, aerial and building work locations.
• Performs splicing functions on all other types of outside plant facilities where the work requires cable sheath openings
• Performs Central Office work as required to meet customer commitments
• Connects wires and cables to terminals, and attaches/detaches various kinds of hardware to wires, cables, buildings, and poles.
• Uses hand tools, power tools (air and electric), and specialty tools, including electric and electronic measuring devices (e.g., multi-meters, volt-ohm meters).
• Performs continuity and/or conformance testing.
• Reads and interprets customer service orders, repair tickets, technical (i.e., mechanical, electrical, digital) drawings, maps, blueprints, diagrams, etc. from supervisor or other designated employees and performs specified work.
• Works with telecom color-coded wires and cables.
• Able to accurately locate underground cables and to repair cut cable of all sizes.
• Ability to work well with others to achieve common goals and to foster a cooperative climate, as well as to work independently in the field with little supervision.
• Ability to work varying shifts and hours including possible mandatory overtime, weekends and holidays.
• Successful completion and passage of all applicable employment assessments and interviews.
• Selected candidate is required to remain in the position for a minimum of 30 months (Time in Title) and 18 months (Time in Location).

• At least 6 months of experience within the last five years installing, maintaining/repairing, and testing residential/small business telecommunication service, both POTS and HSI.
• At least 6 months of experience within the last five years connecting telecom color-coded wires and cables to terminals, attaching or detaching various kinds of hardware to wires, cables, buildings and poles.
• Knowledge of basic electricity, as it relates to telecommunications (through classes or on-the-job training), which includes: knowledge related to the basic principles, theories, and applications of electricity (e.g., voltage, current, resistance, power, grounding, insulation, Ohm’s Law, AC/DC); knowledge of basic electrical components (e.g., conductors, insulators, switches, capacitors, inductors, transformers) and basic circuit design; and knowledge of the operation and application of common electrical components and common measurement instruments (e.g., multi-meters, oscilloscopes).
• Working knowledge of hand and power tools.
• Working knowledge of test equipment (e.g., Tech Tad, Sidekick, volt-ohm meters, transmission measuring sets).
• Ability to use established electrical, digital, and/or mechanical principals and to perform appropriate tests to identify and solve problems encountered on the job.
• Ability to efficiently and accurately work with multiple types of information and/or perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
• Ability to complete designated amount of work in a specified timeframe, adjusting work assignments or schedules to meet changing work-related priorities or demands.
• Ability to provide efficient, quality service to both internal and external customers both face-to-face and over-the-phone.
• Ability to perceive differences in telecom wire and cable color.
• Ability to climb and work at elevations (e.g., from ladders, poles, lift trucks) exceeding 18 feet.
• Ability to work in confined spaces (e.g., attics, crawl spaces, utility holes).
• Ability to perform strenuous physical activities including, but not limited to: lifting objects weighing over 75 pounds.
• Ability to perform job activities outdoors in different weather conditions (e.g., extreme cold and/or heat, inclement weather).
• A valid State driver’s license with a current satisfactory driving record. CDL preferred.

• Innovation & Agility
Approaches work with a continuous improvement mindset; takes a creative approach to problems or opportunities; can work effectively under ambiguous circumstances; applies alternative solutions; leverages multiple sources for new ideas; keeps the needs of the business and customer in mind.
• Ownership & Accountability
Makes clear connections between individual accountability and success of the company; avoids a victim mindset and transference of responsibility; follows through to resolve issues even when they are beyond immediate job responsibilities; takes ownership for downstream results. Demonstrates a high level of commitment and perseveres in the face of challenges or setbacks.
• Communication & Self Awareness
Approaches all communications with honesty and openness; ensures that information is timely and relevant; provides clear, concise oral and written communications; actively asks for feedback, input and checks for mutual understanding; adapts communications to the audience; gains agreement to support ideas; leverages ideas and information from others; maintains respect for fellow employees and understands how personal behaviors impact others.
• Customer First
Has a customer centric mindset; places all work and accountabilities in context with the needs of external or internal customers; meets or exceeds expectations and service requirements; acts promptly to resolve issues; looks for opportunities to add value for the customer; maintains relationships based on honesty, trust, and respect.
• Urgency & Courage
Distinguishes items of key importance and applies the appropriate action timely; responds with an insistent character; possesses the conviction and fortitude to face difficult situations through rational, balanced means.
• Collaboration & Alignment
Maintains productive relationships within and outside the team; understands key stakeholder; shares important or relevant information; can find common ground, facilitates cooperation and teamwork; proactively addresses issues and problems to achieve common objectives.
• Celebration & Have Fun
Demonstrates gratitude and thankfulness through interactions with co-workers and customers; recognizes and responds quickly to exceptional work with proclamations of praise appropriate to the individual; actively finds enjoyment in their role and encourages those around them.
• Effective Decisions
Applies expertise, experience and judgement to reach good decisions; accurately determines the types and levels of information required; takes appropriate risks, manages conflicting priorities; moves quickly from problem to resolution and has a "fail fast" mentality where needed; maintains momentum and recovers quickly from setbacks; understands how individual and team responsibilities and performance impact the overall success of the Company, process, system; empowers, enable and trusts others to make decisions.

Contact Person:
Phone: (509) 765-2655
Location: Othello, WA
Application Method:
Base Pay: DOQ

Posted on December 31, 2019
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