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Employer: Department of Corrections

Job Description:
The Department of Corrections is seeking a highly motivated and qualified individual for the position of Information Technology Customer Support at Washington State Penitentiary, which is located in Walla Walla, WA.

The Washington State Penitentiary is staffed 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Whether the work is inside a prison, in community corrections, or in an administrative office, the Washington State Department of Corrections professional staff experience a high degree of personal satisfaction knowing they are creating environments in which all offenders can learn to make choices that contribute to a safer society.

The Department of Corrections (DOC), as a partner in the criminal justice system, enhances public safety, administers criminal sanctions and programs in accordance with the law and provides leadership for the future of corrections in Washington State.

The Department consists of the Administrative Services Division, Prisons Division, Community Corrections Division, Office of the Chief of Staff, Health Services Division, Communications Department and Risk Management Department.

The Washington State Penitentiary (WSP) is comprised of 4 Close Custody Units, 3 Special Housing Units, 2 Intensive Management Units, 3 Medium Units, 3 Minimum Housing Units and a Hospital. In all, WSP houses approximately 2,500 male offenders and employs approximately 1,100 staff.

This position supports Information Technology equipment and users within their Area of Responsibility (AOR) and reports to the Correctional Facilities Support (CFS) supervisor in the East Region Washington State Penitentiary/Field. As part of the Office of the Deputy Secretary, IT provides technology solutions for the Department by strategically partnering with all Department divisions. This includes the office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech). This position provides professional and technical expertise for the CFS team.

The CFS Technician directly supports DOC's strategic goals and objectives by providing administration of IT systems, multiple networks and customer service delivery, and identifying, designing and implementing improvements in processes. The technician provides skills and technical knowledge to complete complex tasks such as performing project tasks and large work efforts within major facilities and field sites between DOC staff and vendors. The technician provides their personal skills and technical knowledge to enable department staff and offenders to use technology in order to perform their daily work duties at their site and throughout the state.•Provide technical support for Information Technology Systems (IT) (servers, building automation systems, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and networks for both staff and offenders).
•Provide technical senior level customer support to staff and offenders for IT Systems, and equipment and phones.
•Ensure functionality, connectivity and availability of local area switches, data/phone connections and infrastructure.
•Assists with the development of computer related training materials and/or documentation
•Participates, provides input, aids and serves on assigned projects and state-wide teams.

Required Qualifications: •High School Diploma, GED or equivalent.
•Associate's degree in computer Science or related field from an accredited institution.

•One (1) year of full time experience during the last four (4) years of information technology experience in an enterprise network Microsoft Operating System environment such as installing and/or maintaining computer software applications, hardware, telecommunications, or network infrastructure equipment, directing projects, providing customer or technical support in information technology.

•Two (2) years of full time experience during the last four (4) years of information technology experience in an enterprise network Microsoft Operating System environment such as installing and/or maintaining computer software applications, hardware, telecommunications, or network infrastructure equipment, directing projects, providing customer or technical support in information technology.
In addition to the above, the candidate must also possess the following:•Skill in testing and configuring network workstations and peripherals in an enterprise environment.
•Working knowledge of basic physical computer components and architectures, including the functions of various components and peripherals (e.g., central processing units [CPUs], network interface cards [NICs], data storage).
•Skill in the basic operation of computers.
•Working knowledge of electronic devices (e.g., computer systems/components, access control devices, digital cameras, electronic organizers, hard drives, memory cards, modems, network components, printers, removable storage devices, scanners, telephones, copiers, credit card skimmers, facsimile machines, mobile devices, global positioning systems [GPSs]).
•Working knowledge of network protocols (e.g., Transmission Critical Protocol/Internet Protocol [TCP/IP], Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol [DHCP]), and directory services (e.g., Domain Name System [DNS]).
•Working knowledge of server and client operating systems in an enterprise environment.
•Skill in diagnosing connectivity problems.
•Skill in installing computer and server upgrades.
•Working knowledge of file system implementations (e.g., New Technology File System [NTFS], File Allocation Table [FAT], and File Extension [EXT]).
•Working knowledge of systems administration and remote access technology concepts.
•Occasionally required to move and/or relocate objects up to 60 pounds.
•Must have a valid drivers' license.

Desirable/Preferred Qualifications:
•At least one or more of the following professional Level-2 certification as defined by the Department of Defense 8570.01-M Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program such as Security+, GSEC, SCNP or SSCP.
•Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Windows desktop operating system.
•Skill in virtual machines administration and support.
•Skill in Telephony Systems administration and support.
•Working knowledge of organizational information technology (IT) user security policies (e.g., account creation, password rules, access control).
•Working knowledge of principles and methods for integrating server components.
•Working knowledge of server diagnostic tools and fault identification techniques.
•Working knowledge of the enterprise information technology (IT) architecture.
•Skill in monitoring and optimizing server performance.
•Skill in installing, configuring, and troubleshooting local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN).

'The mission of DOC is to improve public safety.'

For additional information about the agency, please visit

IMPORTANT NOTES:•Please include a minimum of three professional references with your application. A professional reference is defined as an individual who has been paid to supervise your work and can attest to your work performance, technical skills, and job competencies. If you do not have any or sufficient professional references, please include non-related professionals, such as educators or other professional associates.

Phone number AND email address are required for all professional references.

•Include a Letter of Interest (no more than two pages) describing how you meet the qualifications of the position; and why you feel that you are the ideal candidate for this position. Also include a Current Resume'.
•The information provided in your application must support your selected answers in the application questionnaire. All answers are verified and documentation may be required. Responses not supported in your application may disqualify you for consideration of employment from this requisition. A thorough reference check will be conducted for final applicants.
•Prior to a new hire, a background check including criminal record history will be conducted. Information from the background check will not necessarily preclude employment but will be considered in determining the applicant's suitability and competence to perform in the position.
•Employees may work directly with or in close proximity to incarcerated individuals in a potentially hazardous setting. Please consider this when deciding whether to apply.
•We are committed to maintaining a drug and alcohol free work environment, and our employees are expected to comply with all state and federal laws. A pre-employment drug test may be administered as part of the selection process, and applicants who test positive for any controlled substances, will be disqualified from consideration.
•Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) is an aerosol pepper spray made available as a means of self-defense and/or de-escalation. Applicants with sensitivities or allergies are encouraged to ask about the level of exposure they could expect in this position.
•Animal care projects are a common component of most Washington State prisons, including dog and cat programs. Applicants with animal sensitivities or allergies are encouraged to ask about the level of exposure they could expect in this position.
•Tuberculosis (TB) is a priority health issue for DOC employees. The successful candidate may be required to provide valid proof of a baseline TB skin test within 60 days from the date of hire. When positive tests result, further information, testing and treatment may also be required. Employment is not contingent upon test results.
•This position may be represented by a Union Shop.

We are committed to hiring individuals who possess core diversity competencies: •Foster a positive attitude and openness toward the ever changing social and cultural makeup of the workplace.
•Work effectively with people of different perspectives, abilities, disabilities, races, religions, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
•Respectfully acknowledge people's differences and recognize these differences as important and valuable.
•Promote inclusiveness.
•Be culturally sensitive and appropriate.
•Respect and value diverse backgrounds and traditions.

Contact Person:
Location: Walla Walla, WA
Application Method: Online
Base Pay: $4,587 - $5,871

Posted on December 17, 2019
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