Police Fleet Specialist - Yakima, WA

Employer: City of Yakima

Job Description:
High school diploma/GED or equivalent, plus two (2) years' of professional automotive experience coordinating and performing the repair and maintenance services of vehicles and electronic equipment. Graduation from a vocational or technical program or completion of a registered apprenticeship program in automotive maintenance, repair or electronics, may substitute for the experience requirement on a month for month basis.

National Institute for Automotive Excellence (ASE) Certification(s), or equivalent preferred.

Must possess and maintain a valid Washington State Driver's License with motorcycle endorsement.

Job Summary:
Under the oversight of a divisional Police Captain coordinates or performs the repair, maintenance and safety services for all Police Department vehicles including but not limited to: patrol cars; passenger vehicles; light and heavy trucks; other specialty vehicles; generators; tractors; trailers; and motorcycles. Duties include the inspection of damaged vehicles, replacement or minor repair of damaged parts, diagnosing equipment malfunction, contracting for major repairs, obtaining warranty work as needed, arranging for fabrication of parts and materials, obtaining price quotes for repairs, assisting in preparation of bid specifications for vehicle replacement, rotating vehicles for maximum utilization and service, maintaining electronic service and warranty records, and performing other tasks to maintain a public safety/emergency vehicle fleet. Work is reviewed by observation, user reports, fleet readiness, electronic recordkeeping, and results achieved.

Essential Functions:
Inspects fleet to ensure lights, emergency equipment and other components are in safe working condition. Inspects vehicles noted by department member complaints as defective or inoperable. Diagnoses equipment malfunction and replaces, fabricates, repairs or arranges for repairs. Facilitates schedules of vehicles for routine servicing, maintenance, emergency equipment installation and warranty work. Schedules vehicles for rotation from patrol duty, reassignment or surplus status, as appropriate. Replaces worn or defective parts including wiper blades, headlamps, flashing units, fuses, fluids or other maintenance items.

Analyzes and diagnoses problems with vehicle lighting, emergency lights mobile computer systems, global positioning systems, audible electronic equipment, and other required equipment. Replaces bulbs, fuses, wiring and other parts. Arranges for contracted repairs as necessary, and test-drives vehicles to diagnose reported problems or verify duty readiness. Uses a variety of hand and power tools such as ohmmeters, battery testers, battery chargers, wrenches, screw drivers, ratchets, grinders, hack saws, drills, sanders, buffers and others in making repairs.

Through recommendations from end-users and command staff, oversee specialized vehicle modification including fabrication to create a more functional and serviceable fleet. Monitors vehicle mileage and condition of all department vehicles and rotates vehicles out of patrol duty, assigns to other department usage or surpluses, as required.

Contacts vendors to obtain cost-effective repairs, servicing, repair quotes, and warranty work. Arranges for vendor vehicle inspection to facilitate repair quotes. Delivers vehicles to maintenance and repair facilities, or arranges for vehicle transport. Monitors and inspects repairs to ensure repairs meet bid or repair specifications. Communicates with automotive insurance adjusters for repair and replacement of damaged department vehicles.

Maintains electronic vehicle maintenance, service, warranty, recall, fuel usage and repair records. Cleans or supervises the cleaning of vehicle interiors to remove body fluids and other potentially hazardous substances. Maintains vehicle safety equipment such as fuses, first aid kits, PPE, traffic control equipment and fire extinguishers. Arranges for application of decals and lettering to equipment and vehicles, as needed.

Assists in periodic building maintenance as assigned.
Requires regular and reliable attendance.
Performs other related duties as assigned.

Major Worker Characteristics:
Knowledge of tools and methods used in maintaining, cleaning and repairing vehicles and fabricating parts. Knowledge of emergency and safety equipment relating to police and emergency vehicles. Knowledge of: computer spreadsheets; databases; industry applications; Microsoft Office Suite including Excel. Knowledge of techniques and strategies for comprehension and dissemination of complex and/or technical written and verbal information to a wide range of individuals.

Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively, with employees, and members of the public representing diverse levels of education and background, utilizing well-developed communication skills, both written and oral, with appropriate use of business English, including but not limited to correct grammar, vocabulary, letter composition, editing, spelling, and punctuation. Must routinely and regularly maintain confidentiality and discretion through all forms of communication.

Ability to identify and diagnose equipment and repair problems. Ability to perform a variety of mathematical computations with ability to read, interpret and analyze technical information and to translate analysis into recommendations or reports. Ability to negotiate, and clearly and concisely present complex information in both written and verbal formats. Ability to follow written and oral instructions and to give job-related instruction to others. Must possess ability to identify and define problems, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.

Ability to create written documents and reports, as they relate to fleet vehicle operations and to input and extract data from databases, spreadsheets, or documents as needed. Ability to operate standard office equipment and various communication devices including but not limited to: computer, fax machine, copy machine, telephone, mobile phones, two-way radios, and electronic communication.

Ability to work independently with self-direction and minimal direction or oversight; maintain sustained attention to detail and work under timeline pressures; prioritize workload; manage multiple tasks with competing deadlines. Excellent analytical and organizational skills are essential. Must possess ability to quickly adapt to changing priorities and demands.

Ability to establish, facilitate, and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, other departments, outside vendors and other members of the public, continually demonstrate tact, diplomacy, and respect to individuals, groups and organizations representing a wide diversity of ethnicities, cultures, opinions, and beliefs. Ability to positively receive feedback and take direction is essential.

Work is performed both inside and outside. Continuous use of both hands in reaching/handling/grasping keyboarding and other fine skill manipulation while performing duties or operating various vehicles, equipment and machinery. Occasional heavy work includes lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds. May be required to lift heavier weight with assistance of others or mechanical devices up to 100 pounds. Occasionally ascends/descends stairs, ladders, and inclines while maintaining balance. Physical strength and ability sufficient to perform manual labor during all weather conditions. Frequent bending/twisting at knees/waist/neck while performing mechanical repairs/modifications and maintenance items. Occasional kneeling/crouching/crawling while making repairs in awkward positions. May work at heights, alone, with others, or in noisy work area. Work will require frequent local travel to a variety of locations. Continuous moving, sitting or standing for excessive periods of time. May work outside with all weather extremes, be exposed to dust, smoke, electrical hazards, noxious odors, fumes, chemicals, solvents, oil, and/or vibrations, unsanitary conditions and human fluids. Continuous use of all senses including feeling/talking/hearing/seeing while performing duties and while communicating with co-workers, general public and completing all tasks as assigned. Must be able to distinguish color and maintain long-term and short-term memory. Required to wear safety protective gear as required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions.

Exposure to extremes of weather, fumes, odors, unsanitary conditions, dirt and noise, and human body fluids. May require some evening or weekend work to address workload. Subject to 24-hour emergency call back.

Contact Person:
Location: Yakima, WA
Application Method: Online
Base Pay: $21.64 - $25.90/hr

Posted on December 17, 2019
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