Lineman Trainee - Pasco, WA

Employer: Franklin PUD

Job Description:

The Lineman Trainee position is a temporary position that determines the employee's eligibility to become an Apprentice Lineman. The position is responsible for learning and completing assigned work in a safe, efficient manner. Duties include stocking trucks and working with line equipment and tools. The Lineman Trainee must show the ability to learn all phases of overhead and underground line construction, the District's electrical construction standards and practices, as well as other duties of Apprentices and Linemen. The Lineman Trainee will transition to Apprentice Lineman within 12 months of hire, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Journeyman Lineman.


Learns materials by working with Warehouse employees, stocking trucks, and performing assigned tasks.
Observes or assists performance of work on energized and de-energized lines.
Operates heavy and light equipment, including digger derricks, aerial lift devices and backhoes. Works with various tools of the trade.
Learns to read and interpret construction drawings.
Responsible for the appropriate use, maintenance and care of line equipment and tools.
Performs manual duties, including cleanup tasks, at construction sites.
Observes, assists or performs after hours duties, as assigned.
Attends approved classroom work, as assigned.
Provides positive customer service through interaction with the public and coworkers during the normal course of business.
Behaves in a professional manner through understanding of District/supervisor expectations regarding dress, attendance, punctuality, scheduled and unscheduled time off and the appropriate use of District time, equipment and resources.
Performs other duties, as assigned.


Candidates will have successfully completed one year of employment (non-probationary), and successfully completed a recognized Lineman College program, and meet the skills, knowledge and abilities described herein. The (JATC) may test bidders in mathematics, mechanical ability, reasoning and pole yard skills, in accordance with District policy or Letter of Understanding.

Education and experience: A high school diploma or equivalent and successful completion of a recognized Lineman College or Pre-apprentice course is required. Work experience indicating the individual has worked outdoors in all weather conditions, used related tools, worked successfully in a team environment, run light and heavy equipment, can read maps or specs, and has basic computer skills are all preferred.

Essential knowledge and abilities: Possesses the ability to learn operation and use of all tools and equipment of the trade. Able to climb poles and work at heights. Aptitude for mastering the subjects of Saturday school and the electrical worker's safety rules. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Ability to listen, reason, process and follow directions. Ability to possess a valid Washington State driver's license and Class A CDL endorsement, or ability to obtain Class A CDL is required. Ability to possess a valid CPR/First Aid certification and Flagger's card, and willingness to perform. Capable of developing the discipline required to follow instructions and apply safety rules in all aspects of work. Ability to work effectively in a team environment.

Character of supervision received: Supervision and work assignments are provided by the Superintendent of Transmission & Distribution, Crew Foremen, members of the JATC, and designated Journeymen.

Character of supervision given: Is not responsible for the work performance of others.

Responsibility for confidential matters: Should not come in contact with confidential information during the normal course of business. Exercises discretion and good judgment with sensitive information the employee may come in contact with.

Responsibility for getting along with others: Working as a team member is crucial to the success of the Lineman Trainee. The Trainee interacts positively and effectively with coworkers, other department members and all customers.

Pressure of work: Pressure of work may come from attendance requirements of classes, testing, JATC reviews and recommendations, or the amount of information to learn. Work pressures may arise during outages, and dangerous weather conditions.

Impact of errors: Errors in judgment can result in negative financial impact, inconvenience to customers, unsafe conditions, injury, or loss of life.

Travel/Unusual working conditions: Infrequent travel may be required for training. Unpaid attendance and time spent studying are required to successfully complete Saturday school. Response to callouts, work at night, storm work, and working at heights are all frequent working conditions.

Possession of a valid Washington State Driver's License is required. Capability of obtaining a Class A CDL is also required.


Works outdoors in all weather conditions.
Walks and works on all terrain, including uneven, rocky or sandy ground.
Possesses physical capabilities required to safely operate a motor vehicle, in all driving conditions.
Possesses sight, strength and coordination necessary to safely and effectively operate heavy and light equipment and tools.
Climbs poles and works at heights.
Duties entail full-body exertion, strenuous lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling.
Pushes, pulls, lifts and carries up to 60 pounds.

Contact Person:
Location: Pasco, WA
Application Method: Online
Base Pay: $56,596.80 YR

Posted on October 31, 2019
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