Electrical Controls Engineer - Portland, OR

Employer: Aerotek

Job Description:
JOB TITLE: Electrical & Controls Engineer Level IV

1. Plan, schedule, and coordinate detailed phases of work in the electrical portion of major projects or in total projects which are mostly electrical. Work includes conceptual design, detailed design (drawings and specifications), coordination and monitoring of installation, programming of programmable controllers and operator interfaces, system startup and troubleshooting. Responsibilities include power distribution, motor control, control systems, robotics, and lighting.
2. Perform work which involves conventional electrical engineering practice, but may include a variety of complex features such as conflicting design requirements, unsuitability of standard materials, limited budgets, and difficult coordination requirements. Work requires knowledge of principles and practices of related specialties. Problems may be characterized by their lack of engineering precedents.
3. May supervise other engineers or technicians on assigned projects.
4. Independently perform cost assignments with instructions as to the general results expected. Receives supervisory approval on proposed plans for project.
5. Work and communicate effectively with a wide range of functional disciplines and levels of management.
6. Provide technical advice to Maintenance and Production on difficult problems with production equipment and building systems.
7. Provide guidance to Maintenance and electrical contractors to assure that all work done to the plant electrical systems meets all requirements of the National Electrical Code and complies with plant standards.
8. Identify and propose solutions to problems on the electrical power systems or control systems. Problems may be code violations, safety or environmental issues, property loss, or potential loss of production. Also identify and propose measures to enhance profitability.
9. Maintain documentation of the assigned plant's electrical power system and control systems.

Additional Skills & Qualifications:
1. Must have a B.S. in electrical engineering and five years of related experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
2. Must have experience and be competent in:
a. The design and analysis of 480 volt power distribution systems, motor control, industrial control systems, and industrial lighting.
b. The design and programming of programmable controller control systems and closed-loop PID control systems.
c. The application and interpretation of the National Electrical Code.
d. Documentation of electrical and control systems using computer drafting, word processor, spreadsheet, and database programs.
3. Experience with Rockwell programmable controllers, robotics, and AutoCad LT is desirable.

Performance Expectations:
need to be able to program from day 1 with Allen Bradley-can be a mix of modifying and troubleshooting or new code

Work Environment:
These new hires will help to automate the entire manufacturing process and help to scale up the manufacturing and decrease lead times

Additional Information:
The manager is not looking to have all SR level candidates but a good mix of talent. Need to have at least 1-2 years of hands on experience programming in an industrial setting

Contact Person: Devin Barnes
Phone: 5034031910
Email: debarnes@aerotek.com
Location: Portland, OR.
Application Method:
Base Pay: $90k-$110k/yr.

Posted on October 15, 2019
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