Electrician Specialist - Standford, CA

Employer: Stanford University

Job Description:
• May perform estimates, installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems and equipment
• May at times work alone, or give direction, instruction or assistance to other Electrician Specialist, Electrician Maintenance or other electrical maintenance persons
• Splices underground multiple conductor cables used in electrical power transmission systems; troubleshoots and repairs faulty or failed splices; tests conductors for dielectric strength and continuity; cleans, and splices corresponding conductors, and connections
• Installs, maintains, or repairs fire alarms, smoke detectors, heat detectors, deluge systems, etc.; detects malfunctions of the above by using testing instruments
• Services draw-out circuit breakers, tests such circuit breakers
• Works on electrical power distribution systems under 600 Volts AC
• May work on control systems and power supplies containing medium or high voltage
• Ensures that safety rules are followed

Contact Person: Steven Zarate
Email: Stevenz@stanford.edu
Location: Stanford, California
Application Method: Application
Base Pay: $41 - $50 per hour

Posted on October 24, 2019
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