Lift Truck Operator - Connell, WA

Employer: Lamb Weston

Job Description:
Job Description Summary:
Must efficiently maintain supplies to production, as well as transports finished goods or tote products to or from zero decree cold storage bays in the warehouse. Loads trucks, stores finished cases in designated areas of the freezers, and inventories bulk and cases in the cold storage .

Job Description:
Daily safety/maintenance check of forklift, record and report any malfunction. Change batteries.
Receive instructions, store product in proper location and in the proper freezer. Deliver product to package lines for repack/blend.
Maintain neat and orderly work area.
Bring in packaging supplies, such as, KD cases, package machine paper, KD totes, pallets, glue barrels, metal bins and trash bins.
Supply prep area with additives such as Sapp, Sugar, Muriatic Acid, etc.
Take out frozen waste product bins and paper bins to designated areas for dumping and bring in empties.
Store bulk bins in the freezers in the designated location.
Stack all bins evenly and to the designated height in the freezers.
Restack, sort and organize freezers in order to maintain a neat, orderly appearance, accurate inventory and location of product..
Must know locations of all blendable and repackable bulk.
Is responsible for stacking pallets neatly and to the designated height in the pallet yard.
Load trucks according to appointment times with designated product and fill out related paperwork accurately.
Visually check for damaged cases, remove and replace those cases before loading. Check tickets for errors in catalog number and number of cases, indicate those errors to shipping clerk for correction.
Load railcars with designated product. Assure product is loaded without damage. Fill out related paperwork accurately.
Stage cases off line for shipment on trucks or railcars according to shipping schedule or store product away in freezers for later shipment.
Supply palletizer with pallets, stretch wrap, slipsheets, etc.
Take out trash bins, product bins, damaged pallets, KD cases, etc. to designated storage areas.
Supply dump to bulk crew with restricted cases, KD totes, pallets, lids, liners, etc. Store bins from dump to bulk in designated areas of the freezers.
Set up bulk bins for shipment to cold storages or unload and store bulk coming back for repacks, etc.
Assist with general housekeeping, dump to bulk, stacking or clean up when job duties permit.
Deliver batter mix to mixing area. Use totes in proper rotation using oldest dates first.
Run tote hoist and assist in batter preparation.
Remove empty totes, fines bins and grease bins from prep area.
Assist Sanitation as needed in mixing area.
Will be required to wear a dust mask and safety goggles in the mixing area plus follow all plant safety procedures.
Other duties as assigned by Team Leader.

Job Qualifications:
Ability to effectively communicate in English.
Must be able to work any shift (days, swing, grave, rotation)
Must be available to work all days of the week including weekends.
Must be able to work around chemicals.

Contact Person: Christina Garcia
Phone: (509) 492-3526
Location: Connell, WA
Application Method: Email
Base Pay: $18.38/an hour

Posted on September 12, 2019
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