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Employer: Department of Corrections

Job Description:
IT System Admin/Journey
Information Technology
Not restricted to DOC – HQ Tumwater:
The Department of Corrections is seeking a highly motivated and qualified individual to take on the dynamic role of an IT System Admin/Journey for our Information Technology Unit. This is a full-time, permanent position located at Department of Corrections Headquarters in Tumwater, Washington.

Our mission at the Department of Corrections (DOC) is to 'improve public safety'. With a vast number of innovative sustainability programs, and evidence-based practices used to reduce recidivism, Washington State is highly regarded as a strong leader in the field of Corrections. For additional information about our agency, please visit

This position serves as a Systems Administrator whose primary focus is the analysis, maintenance, troubleshooting, implementation, and standardization of the Correctional Institution Pharmacy System (CIPS) system and MiPacs digital imaging software and medical diagnostic software used by Health Services to provide care to DOC patients.
The position is required to utilize their system administration skills regarding complex technical tasks and partner with the expert level application developers on high risk, high complex system needs to assist in the coordination of Change Management for the critical CIPS application, MiPacs application and medical diagnostic software in support of DOC's mission to improve public safety and offender safety. This position additionally provides essential backup support for one of the agencies critical financial systems - Accounting for Local Funds (ALF).
In order to effectively manage these applications for the 150 ALF users and approximately 900 CIPS users this position also provides back up support administration for the department's Remote Desktop Client Access License (RD CAL) server as well as multiple remote desktop session hosts that support access to these applications as well as the Trust Accounting System (TAS) Remote Desktop farm for those users. In order for the Remote Desktop and Client Server applications (CIPS, ALF, and TAS Remote Access farm) to properly accept user connections this position also provides back up support for the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client Access License hosting servers.
This position also provides a secondary back-up support for other Application Support Group applications as deemed and understood by both the ASG1 Supervisor and the incumbent when the primary administrator and primary backup is unavailable.
Utilizing in depth knowledge of the Department's mission, information technology procedures and business processes, this position provides strategic direction with a focus on Health Services Support providing effective planning, development, implementation, standardization, maintenance and troubleshooting of all matters relating to these high risk, high impact applications.

This position contributes to the organizations mission by supporting applications which promote healthy offenders, financial data, and community safety.

To be considered for this position, please attach the following to your online application:
- A detailed, chronological resume, and
- Letter of Interest that outlines how you meet the qualifications for this position
- A minimum of three (3) professional references with your application. A professional reference is defined as an individual who has been paid to supervise your work and can attest to your work performance, technical skills, and job competencies.

Key responsibilities of an IT System Admin include, but are not limited to:
Act as the Senior System Administrator for the CIPS Applications:
- Provides expert level technical support, planning, and troubleshooting of this software application.
- Designs and constructs application and complex system standards for CIPS and other pharmaceutical distribution software in support of Pharmacy Operations.
- Completes Vendor management and communications, implementation, smoke testing, and troubleshooting custom code operation.
- Employs expert technical knowledge to consult, evaluate, identify, and resolve complex tasks in the designs and development of CIPS and other pharmaceutical distribution software.
- Performs complex problem analysis, installation, maintenance, problem resolution, and consultation in all aspects of the CIPS and other pharmaceutical distribution software application.
- Provides customer support and system analysis ensuring that DOC Health Services CIPS and other pharmaceutical distribution software issues are resolved in a timely fashion.
- Develops and maintains Tier 3 vendor application operational support documentation.
- Responds to emergent help tickets on or before the next business day and routine help tickets within 3 business days
- Ensures Medispan (drug interaction / allergy / condition) information is up to date and enabled in CIPS.
- Ensures drug cost information is updated at least bi-monthly. Validate results through a combination of SQL queries and scripted PowerShell reports.

Ensures effective Implementation of CIPS in support of DOC's mission to promote healthy offenders and community safety
- Conducts research and consults with business and vendor to effectively recommend technical solutions to solve current business problems.
- Prepares for future changes to business process and vendor provided application updates to ensure the performance of a stable well supported application that meets the business' needs. This is accomplished by discussing needed modifications with business, potentially communicating with the vendor or referencing their documentation, testing these changes in a non-production environment to ensure the desired outcome. Changes can be achieved by SQL modification, management of Control Settings (in CIPS), security (either in CIPS or Windows OS) or custom table settings configured within CIPS that can recommend default values, restrict fields to certain values or types – options are dependent upon area of application to be impacted.
- Prepares for future enhancements of the performance, security, functionality, and quality of the CIPS application.
- Monitors daily maintenance tasks to include event logs (server/application) and resource consumption.
- Reviews the interface (CIPS task) logs to ensure successful integration of data.
- Troubleshoots / researches any potential issues noted in logs.
- Works with other teams in the IT department to ensure current level of patching on a supported operating system, effective Group Policy Management to ensure users are able to access the necessary resources on the servers that host CIPS and CIPS Remote.
- Works with business and vendor to document potentially impacting changes to CIPS that need to be mitigated prior to upgrade in production
Implements documented changes in production by developing SQL queries to be executed in the production environment
- Updates application by executing installers provided by vendor and necessary internal application modifications as defined through a coordinated effort with Health Services to ensure new functionality is best configured to suit business needs without introduction of undesired behavior.
- System Administrator for the Dental Digital Imaging MiPacs Application, Panorex X-ray machines, Gendex X-ray sensors and Medical Diagnostic viewing software/hardware related equipment.
- Installs and configures MiPacs application on user workstations and servers.
- Installs and configures Genesis Omnivue application on user workstations and servers.
- Plans, monitors, and oversees ongoing application maintenance with periodic status reports to supervisor on progress, resources utilization, and production performance.
- Provides remote assistance to DOC Field IT and Health - Services Dental/Medical staff for system issues.
- Tests new equipment, vendor software updates, and changes to the server operating system. Monitors and reviews server logs daily.
- Coordinates Software and Hardware updates/changes with Field IT, Health Services and the Vendor.
- Communicates with the Vendor for resolving application and server issues.
- Responds to emergent help tickets on or before the next business day and routine help tickets within 3 business days.
- Provides back up support for DOC's Microsoft Client Access Licenses systems and Remote Desktop Session Hosts
- Provides support and back-up coverage for routine and complex troubleshooting of this software in the absence of the primary System Administrator for the Remote Desktop - Infrastructure when Primary Support is offsite.
Employ's expert technical knowledge to consult, evaluate, identify, and resolve complex tasks.
- Provides PowerShell support for automation, problem solving, and reporting.
- Researches, tests, and integrates new remote desktop services processes.
- Develops new processes to combine and compare data from supported systems to identify discrepancies between systems.
- Responds to emergent help tickets on or before the next business day and routine help tickets within 3 business days.

- Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field
- An equivalent combination of IT related training and experience may substitute year for year for education.
- Four years of information technology experience such as consulting, analyzing, designing, programming, and maintaining computer software applications and/or developing and maintaining databases.
- Recent experience working with (in last 5 years) vendor applications.
- Skilled professional knowledge of Windows 10 operating system with Microsoft Office 2013 or above application suite.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
- Ability and skills to communicate in both business and technical terms to technical staff, customers, and management.
- Ability to conduct capacity planning, application performance evaluation, and tuning of high risk, high impact mission critical services and applications.
- Possess strong problem solving skills and show good judgement
- Ability to communicate effectively between non-IT and IT teams using the necessary vernacular to ensure a common understanding among all necessary parties so a business need can be clearly defined and met.
- Must be available for off hours contact at times when system issues occur.
- Must have experience in a wide area of technical competencies to apply in troubleshooting complex issues.

- One year in the recent 3 years SQL experience designing and executing SQL query scripts.
- Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in SQL Server 2012 or newer.
- Professional Experience with PowerShell Scripting v5 or above.
- Professional Experience with Oracle or SQL Plus.
- Professional Experience with Remote Desktop Protocols and Infrastructure.

Supplemental Information
'The mission of DOC is to improve public safety.'
For additional information about the agency, please visit
Please include a minimum of three professional references with your application. A professional reference is defined as an individual who has been paid to supervise your work and can attest to your work performance, technical skills, and job competencies. If you do not have any or sufficient professional references, please include non-related professionals, such as educators or other professional associates.
Phone number AND email address are required for all professional references.
Prior to a new hire, a background check including criminal record history will be conducted. Information from the background check will not necessarily preclude employment but will be considered in determining the applicant's suitability and competence to perform in the position.
Employees may work directly with or in close proximity to incarcerated individuals in a potentially hazardous setting. Please consider this when deciding whether to apply.
We are committed to maintaining a drug and alcohol free work environment, and our employees are expected to comply with all state and federal laws. A pre-employment drug test may be administered as part of the selection process, and applicants who test positive for any controlled substances, will be disqualified from consideration.
Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) is an aerosol pepper spray made available as a means of self-defense and/or de-escalation. Applicants with sensitivities or allergies are encouraged to ask about the level of exposure they could expect in this position.
Animal care projects are a common component of most Washington State prisons, including dog and cat programs. Applicants with animal sensitivities or allergies are encouraged to ask about the level of exposure they could expect in this position.
Tuberculosis (TB) is a priority health issue for DOC employees. The successful candidate may be required to provide valid proof of a baseline TB skin test within 60 days from the date of hire. When positive tests result, further information, testing and treatment may also be required. Employment is not contingent upon test results.
This position may be represented by a Union Shop.
We are committed to hiring individuals who possess core diversity competencies:
Foster a positive attitude and openness toward the ever changing social and cultural makeup of the workplace.
Work effectively with people of different perspectives, abilities, disabilities, races, religions, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
Respectfully acknowledge people's differences and recognize these differences as important and valuable.
Promote inclusiveness.
Be culturally sensitive and appropriate.
Respect and value diverse backgrounds and traditions.

Contact Person:
Location: WA state wide
Application Method: Online
Base Pay: $6,430 - $8,232 MO

Posted on September 09, 2019
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