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Employer: Pro Sales

Job Description:
Position Summary :
Pro Sales is a leader in the food processing industry and has been for over 30 years. Our quality of work, precision, and productivity is what makes us a preferred partner with our customers. This position if for a hardworking individual with leadership skills that is on time, positive, task oriented, organized, and motivated. This job entails welding, fitting, fabrication and finishing duties primarily in the food and beverage industry. This is a high level position that will require the employee to have advanced experience and skills with precision welding of various materials including in-place welding of thin-walled stainless steel tubing systems. This position will be the project lead on small projects and will also function as a team member of larger projects. This position may be subject to long hours at times to meet scheduled deadlines. We are looking for an employee who wants to build a career and grow with our company.

Structure :
Shop work: Monday – Friday; 6:30 am – 3:15 pm (must be flexible)
Field work: travel to job sites and support installation crews for the hours and duration of each project
Benefits include: Company observed holidays, medical insurance, vacation package, and Christmas Bonus; see HR for formal details
Warehouse and Plant environment

Qualifications :
Valid Driver’s License and clean driving record
Must have a strong understanding of safety practices for the work environment and equipment
High School Diploma or equivalent
Experience with hand tools, power tools, welding equipment, cutting equipment, and lifting equipment
Understand the principles of fitting and be able to execute with accuracy
High level of expertise in various welding processes and techniques
Strong ability to reading drawings, schematics, and P&ID diagrams
Ability to lead small teams in a positive and respectful manner
Must be able to Lift 50+ lbs.
Willingness to travel to job sites as required
1st Aid / CPR certification
Lifting / Rigging certification and experience
Confined space certification and experience

Experience leading large teams on complex projects
Experience working in the Food and Beverage Industry
Roles : The employee is expected to play a role in these areas to achieve specific targets and goals.

Advanced Fabrication
- Tank Modifications: Perform modifications to tanks and equipment to reconfigure, add, or remove components to meet requirements of overall process changes.
- Flow Panels: Construct, install, and modify flow panels.
- Jigs and Tooling: Able to evaluate, plan, and construct jigs and tooling as needed to achieve efficient completion of projects.
- Platforms and Decking: Able to lay out and fabricate multi-level platforms and decking.
- Skid Systems: Lay out and fabricate complete skid mounted processing systems.
- Bio-Pharm: Understanding of Bio-Pharm standards and the ability to fabricate components and systems to meet all standards.
- Major Rigging
Minor Rigging: Demonstrated ability to safely and properly use all basic lifting equipment and devices.
- Crane Symbols: Knowledge and application of basic crane symbols.
- Equipment and Safety: Full understanding of all lifting equipment being used and the required safety procedures.
- Pinch Points: Proactively identify and manage pinch points for all lifting operations.
- Lift Items: Ability to evaluate, plan, secure, and safely lift, locate, and secure equipment and components into place.
- Direct Team: Strong ability to direct the team and ensure equipment moves are safe and without damage.
- Small Project Lead
- Drawings: Ability to read P&ID’s and other project drawings to the level needed to complete the project.
- Tubing Layout: Ability to perform sanitary tubing layout and fitting of process and utility piping systems on small projects.
- Crew Leadership: Keep a small crew productive, on task, and on schedule.
- Communication: Good communications with crew, project managers, engineers, and customers in a positive and respectful manner.
- Customer Interface: Takes initiative to communicate all aspects of the project and schedule to the customer.
- Planning: Ability to foresee and plan for required materials and expendables in advance of needing the items.
- Change Orders: Identify, communicate, and process change orders that are outside of the original project scope.
- PMO: Working understanding of the Pasteurized Mild Ordinance.
- Worksite: Keeps worksite and equipment clean, organized, and safe.
- Project Tracking: Evaluate and manage project costs and ensure all tracking requirements for time and costs are turned in as required.
- Project Closure: Able to efficiently close projects including returns, argon, rentals, and all required project closure paperwork.
- Customer Preference: Develop a high occurrence of being asked back by the customers.
Job Type: Full-time

Contact Person:
Location: Yakima, WA
Application Method: Online
Base Pay: DOQ

Posted on July 18, 2019
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