Irrigation Specialist - Paterson, WA

Employer: Lamb Weston

Job Description:
Job Description Summary
The Role

The Irrigation Technician is in charge of the operation and repair of the center pivot irrigation machines, the river and booster pumps, and the electrical supply apparatus on the irrigation system. He/she also repairs and maintains other electrical apparatus on the Farm and in the buildings elsewhere on the Farm as required.

Job Description
The use and operation of voltage measuring devices and other electrical equipment is required.
Daily checks voltage, resistance and amperage of electrical circuits, motors, and fuses. Required to have above-average knowledge of these devices and well versed in their use, care, and maintenance.
Working knowledge of troubleshooting and repair practices for the repair and maintenance of the CAMS center pivot machines as well as the medium voltage pumps and controls at the river stations and the booster pumps at the cluster.
Working knowledge of the installation and rebuilding of electrical panels for pumps and center pivots.
Reasonable knowledge of the state, local, and NEC electrical codes for installation of electrical apparatus.
Working knowledge of the hydraulic water valves and delivery system.
Often required to operate small and medium backhoes, loaders, and trenchers.
Average knowledge of welding and metallurgy is required.
Provides limited supervision to the Iririgation Technician Helper through motivation, direction, and feedback of assigned tasks.
Handles multiple projects simultaneously.
Complies with all safety policies, practices, and procedures. Reports all unsafe activities to the department’s Safety Officer.
Participates in proactive team efforts to achieve departmental and company goals.
Provides leadership to others through example and sharing of knowledge and skills.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Contact Person:
Location: Paterson, WA
Application Method: Online
Base Pay: DOQ

Posted on July 08, 2019
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