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Start Your Career in Healthcare! No Previous Experience Required!

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A Medical Scribe's central role is to relieve the physician of administrative duties; thus allowing the physician to focus more directly on clinical care. The scribe observes the physician during patient encounters and performs documentation on the physician's behalf. Under the direction of the physician, they enter information into the patient's electronic or written chart. At the physician's request, the scribe must be able to locate past medical records, prior lab/radiology results, or past visit histories for the physician to review. Additionally, within the EMR itself the scribe needs the ability to enter data into the chart on the physician's behalf. All scribe-entered data is reviewed and authenticated by the physician.

Becoming a Medical Scribe offers an exciting first-hand experience in healthcare with full one-on-one shifts working with board certified physicians. The job is second-to-none for exposure to medicine, disease processes, medical decision-making and procedures performed in hospitals and outpatient facilities. Paid training provided to all hired employees!

*Offers one-on-one time with physicians
*Exposure to an emergency or outpatient environment
*Paid training providing a crash course in medicine
*Excellent resume builder for medical school or start to your career in healthcare
*Great alternative career for those of CNA, MA, EMT, or Paramedic backgrounds

*Chart in real-time as the provider assesses and examines the patient
*Document the history, physical exam, assessment and plan, results, procedures, treatment, and physician consultations
*Transcribe ancillary test results and their interpretations
*Check on the progress of labs, imaging studies, and other patient data
*Comply with all national and local PHI laws including in HIPAA and HITECH
*Comply with all facility, department, company policies and procedures
*Perform a variety of other non-clinical tasks specific to the local facility

*Exemplary work ethic and professionalism
*Excellent verbal and written communications skills
*Ability to adapt to individual site needs *Ability to multitask is high stress environments
*Strong computer skills
*A typing speed of 50+ WPM
*High school diploma or GED
POSITION TYPE: Entry-level. Part-Time 2-3 shifts per week. Full-time 4-5 shifts per week. Shifts are generally 8-12 hours long.
Opportunities for advancement for those who qualify. Apply today!


Contact Person: Joshua Guilland
Phone: 480-297-6970
Location: Yakima, WA
Application Method: Application
Base Pay: 12/hr

Posted on May 03, 2019
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