Field Technician - Tri-Cities and surrounding areas

Employer: Silent Aire Mission Critical Services

Job Description:
• Primarily responsible for assisting and supporting other Field Services Team members in commissioning
and after sales service.
• Is able to work unsupervised and capable of making informed decisions to complete the tasks as instructed.
• Can complete detailed end of day reports with complete accountability of the time spent on the task.
• Has the ability to identify and report the difference between a MFG and a Construction deficiency.

• Fully understands and masters electrical and control systems and how electricity works.
• Can identify 3-phase versus single phase wiring.
• Understands how electricity flows AC and DC currents.
• Fully understands Parallel and Series circuits.
• Fully understands OHMS Law and can use a multi-meter to read voltage, resistance values.
• Must be able to troubleshoot large electrical circuits.
• Fully understands the process of treating air so as to simultaneously control its temperature, humidity, and
• Must be able to read and understand mechanical drawings.
• Able to assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus,
and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools.
• Fully understands and has mastered the fundamentals of temperature and humidity measurement and
control in air conditioning units.
• Understands the process of treating air so as to simultaneously control its temperature, humidity, cleanliness
and distribution.
• Able to use a psychometric chart to determine the results of mixing air having various properties.
• Can identify the components in the SAM units, understanding how each component works, diagnosing
problems associated to the equipment, use meters and other hand held tools to perform maintenance and to
• Fully understands operation of the Silent Aire CRAHU’s and AHU’s.
• Basic knowledge of Windows Office Programs (outlook, Excel, Word …)

• Must possess excellent written communications skills
• Has developed time management skills
• Has developed oral communications skills
• Has developed basic multitasking skills
• Must be able to deal with difficult people
• Has developed basic organizational skills to work efficiently
• Must be able to work well with other technicians and tradesman
• Can give direction to clearly complete tasks to other team members based on the Leads direction and
execute them.
• Runs the day to day site crews based on the direction of the lead mechanic.
• Is a third or fourth year apprentice

• Refrigerant controls (metering devices)
• Electric Motors (3-phase and 1-phase)
• Electric motor controls (contractors, starters, relays, disconnect, thermostats, etc.)
• Various types of water pumps
• Intake and exhaust fans
• Economizers
• Humidifiers
• VAV systems
• VAV Terminal boxes
• Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s)
• Electrical component troubleshooting
• CAREL Program Deployment
• CAREL program navigation
• Understands VFD’s
• Full knowledge of Silent Aire Product Line
• Full knowledge of Silent Aire SOO for various products
• Full ability to work on all Silent Aire equipment comfortably

Technician must be able to proficiently demonstrate the following tasks
• Soldering
• Brazing
• Combustion analysis
• Advanced heat load calculations
• Advanced heat loss calculations
• Cooling load calculations
• Advanced navigation thru multiple building automation controls systems

• Check in with Manager after the end of each work day while in the Field
• During and or at the end of each day/job complete all company provided forms to the fullest extent possible.
• Responsible for time management of jobs scheduled each out of town.
• Check in with client at the beginning and end of each day.
• Obtain client signature on company provided forms where applicable.
• Use Time Clocks in the plant and ADP app when in the Field to account for daily times.
• Hand in paperwork at the end of each trip for processing in sequential order.
• Ensure all receipts or invoices for expenses have job numbers and get sent to the correct person.
• Ensure all excess materials used for each job are listed properly and documented.
• Assist on job sites with other Silent Aire Field Technicians as needed.
• Answer all office emails/calls in a timely manner.
• Check in as needed to ensure Manager or field supervisor are aware of your status.
• Secure parts and tools needed throughout the day for various jobs as required.
• Report all warranty repairs to the Manager or field supervisor and provide the necessary info needed to report back to the plant if it is a Silent Aire internal problem.
• Set expectations to other team members.
• Consult Manager or field supervisor in times of uncertainty.
• Give training to Field Technician II and support
• Report to Plant Managers when not in the field

• Must be able to build client confidence in company.
• Must respect and strictly adhere to the non-disclosure policies, on the jobsite and away.
• Provide information to management on training needs and courses of interest.
• Responsible for the daily preparation of the parts and tools for each day’s activities.
• Complete work in a timely and workman like manner.
• Coordinate with dispatcher for the use of company tools and ensure they are returned to the office in a timely manner.
• Participate in company–wide internal meetings as required.
• Maintain company tools in a professional manner.
• Must maintain all safety equipment at all times

• Must possess a valid driver’s license
• Must have a high school diploma or equivalent GED certificate
• Must have at least an Apprentice license or at least ten years of trade-related work experience, OR any similar combination of education and experience
• Must have attended factory training over the course of time in the trade
• Multiple seminar certifications
• Must gain excellent logistical knowledge of customer’s onsite practices.
• Must be able to drive to local job sites on a request basis
• On-call and overtime hours as needed
• Good hygiene and cleanliness is required at all times
• Follow all company policies and lead by example

Contact Person: Emily Kilmon
Phone: 703-724-9703
Location: Tri-Cities and surrounding
Application Method: Resume
Base Pay: Negotiable

Posted on April 17, 2019
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