Senior Controls Engineer - Seattle, WA

Employer: Concept Systems Inc

Job Description:
Are you ready to join the best, most diversified engineering team in the integration market? As the 2016 Control Systems Integrator of the Year, Concept Systems is offering exactly that.

If you are looking to join a team that is focused on the forefront of technology innovation and applying this expertise to a wide variety of industrial manufacturing and processing markets, Concept Systems is likely a fit for you.

Concept Systems offers career advancement opportunities by challenging our engineers to expand their skillset and become leaders in robotics, vision, laser scanning, motion control, manufacturing intelligence, and more. In short, our mission is to team with our customers to achieve manufacturing excellence by delivering the right automation solutions. To do so we are committed to being on the leading edge of automation technologies and developing innovative solutions to apply those technologies. With the rapid advancement of automation technology, the learning and development never stops. Couple this with our broad industry approach, serving markets such as aerospace, food processing, recycling, metals, automotive, breweries, and wood products, the rich learning environment we provide should be clear.

Technical, industry, scope, trade, and innovation diversity is the opportunity awaiting you at Concept Systems. We are excited to hear from you and confident you will like what you see as you learn more about us!

Now to say it all in a more engineering-centric way, here is our bulleted list:


Controls Engineering
Control System Design & Development
Vision-guided Robotics
Motion Control
Manufacturing Intelligence
Robots and Vision
Work cell design
Mechanical components
Project Management
Primary point of contact for project-related customer interactions
Manage project schedules
Manage project budgets
Ensure compliance with the Concept Systems Project Methodology
Stay current on technology trends in area(s) of focus
Bring Product ideas to the table
Participate in R&D initiatives
Assist with market research and competitive market analysis
Sales Support
Direct customer interaction and garnering an understanding of their needs
Creative problem solving/solution development to address those customer needs
Prepare proposal cost estimates for the automation solution
Customer Relations
Maintain existing relationships
Fast and courteous response to service and support issues
Uncovering the next challenge and introducing technologies that can solve them
Required Skills
Problem solving
Ability to focus on the customer needs
Passion for control systems integration
Computer Skills
PLC configuration/programming
HMI configuration/programming
.NET Programming
HTML5 Programming
Key Competencies

Culture of Leadership

Not only demonstrates actions associated with living the Concept Way, but inspires others to do so as well through leading by example, communication and holding others equally accountable to these standards. Takes ownership for own success; speak openly and sincerely; is a source of inspiration, develops and fosters relationships both internally and externally and strives to be innovative.

Results Focused

Focuses on desire outcomes and how best to achieve them. Gets the job done on time and within budget. Sets high standards for performance of self and others; assuming responsibility and accountability for successfully completing projects or tasks; can be counted on to deliver consistent and high quality results.

Communicates Effectively

Clearly conveys information and ideas, orally and in writing both internally and with customers. Organizes and structures communication to be professional, positive and succinct; demonstrates active listening and appropriate body language.

Adaptive to Change

Views change necessary and positive; maintains effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment; adjusting effectively to work within new structures, processes, requirements; can effectively cope with change.

Culture of Innovation:
Demonstrates desire to be innovative by taking a proactive and creative approach to projects. Presents new product ideas as possible, participates in R2D2 frequently and contributes through Follow It or Fix It.

Culture of Accountability:
Demonstrates making the choice to rise above individual circumstances and demonstrates the ownership necessary for achieving desired results - to See It, Own It, Solve It and Do It.

Culture of Respect:
Demonstrates respect to others, providing recognition and appreciation for individuals in every role within Concept Systems.

Follow It or Fix It:
Actively contributes feedback in an effort to promote continuous improvement while following Concept Systems established and documented business processes.

Contact Person:
Location: Seattle, WA
Application Method: Online
Base Pay: $125,000 - $129,000 YR

Posted on April 09, 2019
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