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Job Title: IT Services Computer Client Services Technician - Yakima, WA

Posted on January 25, 2018

Employer: City of Yakima

Job Description:
Two years experience performing personal computer support in an enterprise environment. A
Bachelor's Degree, Associate Degree or vocational school certificate of completion in computer science,
data processing or computer technical support may substitute for the required experience. Must pass a
background investigation regarding applicant's aptitude, character, judgment, credit, driving record and
criminal history.

Must possess and maintain a valid Washington State Driver's License.

Under general supervision provides direct support to personal and mobile computer users throughout
the workplace. General duties include researching, ordering, receiving shipments of computers and
computer related products; installing computer equipment and network hardware; troubleshooting and
resolving problems with PC's, printers, cable connections and other related equipment; installing
computers and related wiring at the worksite; installing, monitoring, and supporting office automation
and security software, and training users as needed. Work may be highly confidential and is performed
with considerable latitude for independent judgment and decision-making and is reviewed through
performance, user comment, observation and results achieved.

Consults with users regarding their hardware needs; researches availability of computers, printers,
monitors, software, modems, fax cards, video cards and other peripheral equipment. Orders software
and hardware to meet the needs of users. Contacts vendors in accordance with City policy to identify
ordering, shipping and buying procedures. Checks merchandise on receipt to verify receipt as ordered;
inspects to validate merchandise meets ordering specifications; coordinates with vendors to resolve
discrepancies. Installs computer cabling in various City facilities; pulls cable through ceilings, walls,
floors, crawl spaces and connects to the City's network. Connects PC's to interconnect throughout the
City to facilitate communications between different buildings and workplaces.
Loads/installs appropriate software into new equipment; tests for compatibility and function; delivers
and installs equipment in user's working area and connects to existing hardware as requires. Performs
on-site testing to ensure equipment operates properly and interacts appropriately with other on-site
components and the main network. Data stored in equipment being replaced is removed from the
replaced equipment and loaded into the new. Removes old equipment and is readied for use by another
office by testing and inspection or is readied for surplus disposal.
Consults with users regarding problems with computer systems, PC's, systems servers and peripherals,
printers, monitors, scanners, software and other equipment. Determines the source of the problem
identifies solutions and resolves the problem. Arranges for equipment repairs as necessary; arranges for
outside repair work and coordinates with vendors to obtain repair services.
Researches, implements, monitors and supports office automation and PC security software. Maintains
hardware and software inventory records to meet fiduciary responsibilities and comply with licensing
requirements. Instructs users on proper procedures for utilizing the programs. Maintains and provides
support services for citywide servers; initiates back-up procedures and troubleshoots various problems
which arise. Maintains software packages to protect the City from invading viruses to ensure constant operational capability. Provides network operational support including establishing user accounts, client
connectivity user security profiles and access control lists. May provide guidance, limited supervision and assign tasks to temporary workers providing services in
support of this classification.
Requires regular and reliable attendance.
Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge of: personal computers and related computer products; methods and procedures for
installing computer cable; methods and procedures for installing computers, software and peripheral
equipment. Knowledge of equipment vendors and of sources to obtain computers, software and
associated equipment. Ability to: identify equipment availability and needs of users; install software and
hardware; load data into new equipment; identify software and hardware problems and solutions; read
and understand technical manuals; and provide instruction on hardware and software function and
use. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing and to establish effective working
relationships throughout a widely diverse workforce.

Work is performed primarily in an office environment while sitting at a desk or computer terminal for
extended periods of time or while standing for a period of time. Occasionally needs to move inside the
office to access file cabinets, office machinery, etc. Occasionally needs to position self to maintain
computers, including under the desks and server closet. Constant use of both hands in
reaching/handling/grasping/fingering while performing duties operating on computers. Occasional heavy
work includes exerting 50 pounds frequently with the assistance of others or mechanical devices and/or
20 pounds constantly to move objects. Occasionally ascends/descends stairs and ladders while
maintaining balance. Constant use of all senses including feeling/talking/hearing/seeing while performing
duties and while communicating with co-workers, general public and completing all tasks as assigned.
Must be able to distinguish color and maintain long-term and short-term memory. May work outside, in
remote locations or in noisy work area. Work may require working in restricted places and may be
exposed to weather extremes, dust, dirt, bugs, spiders, vermin and/or electrical hazards. Reasonable
accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job

Duties may require working in restricted places and include exposure to weather extremes, dust, dirt,
bugs, spiders and vermin. Position requires lifting objects up to 50lbs., climbing, stooping, twisting,
stretching and bending. May be required to carry a cell phone or paging device and respond to
technological or operating problems during after-work time, on weekends or on holidays. May be
required to be in an On-Call status with limits on travel and social activities. May work closely with the
Public Safety Departments and, thereby, be exposed to highly confidential and, sometimes, disturbing

Contact Person:
Location: Yakima, wa
Application Method: Online
Base Pay: $24.40 - $29.27 HR

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