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Job Title: Metal Processor & Buyer - Prosser, WA

Posted on December 04, 2017

Employer: Mayflower Metals

Job Description:
Company: Mayflower Metals Inc. - Prosser, WA Location

Job Title: Metal Processor & Buyer

Compensation: Starting $13/hr (90-Day Probationary Period, Bumps Up to $15/hr) + DOE - Possible Mandatory Overtime Available. Also an additional Profit Sharing Program bonus every quarter

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Job Description:

Mayflower Metals Inc. is an industrial metal recycling yard. The industrial metal recycling industry is similar to the construction and fabrication industry, only the opposite. We use the same tools, but used in an unconventional manner: to un-construct, and un-manufacture. We at Mayflower Metals Inc. tear apart, disassemble, destroy, and process industrial machinery & equipment, large industrial electric motors, irrigation systems and valve components, automobiles and their components, industrial HVAC units, all with the goal to acquire the valuable raw metals and materials. This position requires the individual to identify, classify, size, process, and sort scrap metals in a dirty/dusty industrial setting using various tools and techniques while promoting high safety procedures.

- Knowledge of basic hand tools: wrenches, screwdrivers, chisels, ratchets & sockets, pipe wrenches, hammers & sledgehammers, crowbars (and other prying tools)
- Knowledge of power & pneumatic tools: drills, impact tools, and angle grinders
- Knowledge of welding (a plus), use of plasma cutters, and cutting torch
- Use of truck scales, platform scales, and small table-top scales
- Capable to drive a forklift (and using chains & straps for heavy lifting), past experience not required, but recommended
- Takes safety seriously. Being aware of your surroundings, using safety equipment, and promoting safety practices individually, toward coworkers, and among customers while using powerful, and/or heavy equipment and tools
- Knowledge of different metals & materials - Copper, Brass (Yellow & Red), Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and various grades of Copper Wire
- Able to identify, size, cut up, and process various pieces of machinery and large pieces of scrap metal to extract the raw metals to be ready for sorting
- Sort through and separate various metals and materials to be placed in their final placement
- Able to classify metals and materials accurately during the buying process
- Promotes time efficiency, time saving procedures, teamwork, and effective with all various job duties and responsibilities
- Provides great customer service day-to-day, and is a people person
- Basic computer and data entry skills, ability to use technology to improve job knowledge and performance
- Training is provided on the job
- Able to read procedure instructions & price sheets
- Able to perform basic mathematical calculations. (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
- Able to work individually and in a team
- Able to communicate verbally and in writing
- Physically able to be active all day and lift up to 100 lbs

Contact Person: Brian Green
Phone: (509) 778-1559
Location: Prosser, WA
Application Method: Email
Base Pay: 13/hr

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