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Job Title: HVAC Technician - Colstrip, MT

Posted on November 29, 2017

Employer: Talen Energy

Job Description:
The position is currently posted online at our website, Starting pay for the position is 40.44/hour, with raise in May 2018 to 41.45/hour.

We offer full benefits, and all of our overtime is double-time. I would love to talk to any interested students and/or professionals about the position. Thank you so much for any help with this.

Essential Job Functions 1. Ability to troubleshoot and maintain electrical circuits. 2. Utilize all available resources in problem solving, including ability to plan and prioritize work. 3. Ability to troubleshoot and maintain programmable logic controllers. 4. Must be able to troubleshoot various HVAC and chiller systems. 5. Must use knowledge and safe work practices in changing motors. 6. Must be able to work effectively with other crafts. 7. Change filters and HVAC systems. 8. Must be able to climb ladders, work from platforms and heights and work in tight spaces. 9. Regular attendance and diligent work habits required

Marginal Job Functions 1. Rigging of large motors or components. 2. Cleaning/Housekeeping

Basic Qualifications 1. High School Diploma/GED 2. Two (2) years technical school or apprenticeship in HVAC; or, three (3) years of HVAC experience in an industrial setting.

License or Certificate Requirements: 1. Valid Drivers’ License 2. Passed or be able to pass the PPL Skilled Trades Testing/EEI MASS testing. 3. Must have CFC/HCFC Universal Refrigerant Certification

Contact Person:
Phone: 406-748-5092
Location: 580 Willow, PO Box 38, Colstrip, MT 59323
Application Method: Online
Base Pay: 40.44/hour, with raise in May 2018 to 41.45/hour

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