Electrical Instrumentation & Controls Technician - NWRF - Parker, CO


Job Description:
Electrical Instrumentation & Controls Technician - NWRF - Parker, CO
Position Type:Full Time
Salary Range: $28.93 - $38.81
Job Category: Skilled Labor - Trades

General Statement of Duties:
This non-exempt position is responsible for the electrical operation, repair, maintenance and preventive maintenance of the District’s water/wastewater equipment and facilities. Also responsible for the installation of new electrical, instrumentation and controls at District faciliites.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
Tests, troubleshoots, repairs and modifies District's motors, controls, power supplies, transformers, PLC systems and other electrical equipment and components to ensure a safe, efficient and acceptable operating standard.
Diagnoses the cause of electrical malfunctions or failures of equipment. Performs repairs and conducts preventive maintenance or recommends modification or replacement of equipment.
Coordinates the electrical and control portions of designing and implementing modifications and improvements to existing equipment and facilities with the electrical consulting engineer. Designs and completes minor electrical construction projects.
Monitors electrical consumption and recommends electrical cost efficient methods of equipment operation.
Develops electrical preventative maintenance policies and procedures to ensure effective and efficient operation of the water and wastewater systems.
Performs unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled maintenance when assisting with general maintenance and repairs of facilities and equipment.
Performs troubleshooting and repairs of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units for all District facilities.
Operates construction, maintenance equipment and other mechanized equipment and hand tools as required to complete assigned maintenance tasks.
Specifies and sources electrical equipment. Maintains electrical supply inventory and records.
Performs routine physical cleanup and housekeeping of work areas, equipment, and buildings using standard cleaning equipment and material.
Attends technical and safety training meetings, courses and seminars as required.
Handles hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals during repair operations, delivery, storage and use.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Solid knowledge of standard practices, principles, methods, materials and tools used in the electrical trade.
Solid knowledge of the National Electrical Code, hazards and safety precautions specific to the electrical, mechanical and operational fields within the Water/Wastewater Industry.
Basic understanding of the District’s SCADA computer system and the ability to assist in troubleshooting the system.
Basic computer knowledge including, but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
Working knowledge of safety procedures and use of personal protective equipment and ability to apply safety principles on all job tasks. Ability to anticipate unsafe circumstances; act accordingly to prevent accidents, and promptly report accidents and hazardous conditions.
Ability to safely operate basic hand and power tools.
Ability to compile, analyze and interpret facts to solve electrical problems and devise repairs.
Ability to work independently with broad direction and limited supervision.
Ability to communicate effectively orally and in a written format. Ability to work effectively with supervisors, co-workers, contractors, vendors, and deal tactfully with the public.
Ability to read, modify and develop blueprints, wiring diagrams and schematics. Ability to read, understand and apply technical manuals. Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions and procedures.
Ability to focus attention on tasks which may be complex, routine or repetitive without losing concentration or becoming distracted by external activities. Ability to adapt to interruptions, equipment failures, unusual demands or changing priorities.

Working Conditions\Physical Activities
Monday through Friday, 40-hour workweek.
Will be on rotating emergency on-call duty in addition to the regular workweek. May be subject to mandatory overtime on an as needed basis to work within the department and for other duties as assigned.
This position is designated Essential Personnel per the Emergency Response Plan during a severe winter weather warning or event.
Perform strenuous physical labor and stand for extended periods of time.
Work in a wastewater plant where elevated levels of noise, irritants, dust, dirt, bacteria, hazardous chemicals/air/materials and fumes are always present. May come into contact with raw wastewater. Vaccinations such as Hepatitis A & B and Tetanus are strongly recommended and offered at no cost.
Work may take place outside in all weather conditions. May be exposed to risks typically associated with working around water, chemicals, electricity and other man-made and natural hazards. The use of a respirator may be required for some tasks. May work in confined spaces.
Lifting and handling objects up to 50 pounds occasionally and/or up to 20 pounds frequently.
Full range of body movements including stooping, twisting, kneeling, bending, leaning, reaching, climbing (heights), stretching and working in awkward positions.
Must be able to operate motor vehicles read, record, and interpret information. Must be able to communicate with others in person and over the telephone.

Journeyman level or higher and experience with industrial and motor control applications similar to those of the District.
Experience with industrial and motor control applications similar to those of the District.
Must have a Motor Vehicle Record within the Acceptable rating according to the Vehicle Policy.

Salary dependent on certification level and experience.

Contact Person:
Location: Parker, CO
Application Method: Online: https://www.paycomonline.net/v4/ats/web.php/jobs/ViewJobDetails?job=67200&clientkey=5A0E475016D49EF7FDD92FEB9038E928&source=Indeed
Base Pay: $28.93 - $38.81 HR

Posted on July 08, 2021

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