Expediting Clerk - Seattle, WA

Employer: Alaskan Copper & Brass Company

Job Description:
We will be accepting applications for this job opening only between the opening and closing
dates. Individuals who meet all of the requirements will be considered for an interview. Job
applications may be filled out in person or online at www.alaskancopper.com and sent via fax
or scanned to jobs@alaskancopper.com when completed.
Date Posted: June 21, 2021
Closing Date: July 9, 2021
Job Title: Expediting Clerk
Pay Rate: DOE
Hours of Work: Day shift
Location: 3200 6th Ave S Seattle, WA 98134
Job Summary:
The Expediting Clerk will receive and source orders and maintain the
futures file. They will expedite futures and respond to customers’
expediting requests, and assist with other clerical tasks as needed.
Required Essential Job Skills/Experience:
1. Good on the phone.
2. Good communication skills.
3. Able to meet deadlines.
4. Able to do data entry tasks quickly and accurately.
5. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications.
6. Able to work independently.
Required Essential Job Functions/Duties:
1. Expedite customer and vendor orders, maintain select customer
expediting spreadsheets.
2. Track and update line item status of futures and follow up as
3. Solve procurement problems as required.
4. Sort and file paperwork.5. Support sales department with other clerical tasks as needed.
Desirable Job Skills/Experience
1. 1-2 years experience in data entry or clerical work.
Job Accommodations:
Considered on an individual basis.
Physical Requirements:
1. This position generally requires the following in a 8-hour work day:
Total At One Time (Hours) Total During Entire 8-Hour Day
Standing: 15-20 minutes 1/2 to 1 hour
Walking: 15-30 minutes 1/2 to 1 hour
Sitting: 1 hour 2-6 hours
2. Movement of objects and strength required for this job:
Lifting: Carrying:
Up to 5 lbs.: FREQUENTLY (1-33%) FREQUENTLY (1-33%)
6-10 lbs.: OCCASIONALLY (1-33%) OCCASIONALLY (1-33%)
11-20 lbs.: OCCASIONALLY (1-33%) OCCASIONALLY (1-33%)
21-25 lbs.: OCCASIONALLY (1-33%) OCCASIONALLY (1-33%)
26-50 lbs.: OCCASIONALLY (1-33%) OCCASIONALLY (1-33%)
3. Required repetitive use of hands:
Simply Grasping: YES
Fine Manipulating: YES
Pushing & Pulling: YES
4. Repetitive Actions/Movements Involving the Feet:
Right Foot: NO
Both: NO
Left Foot: NO
5. Worker Positions Required in the Performance of this Job:
Climbing: OCCASIONALLY (1-33%) Stooping: OCCASIONALLY (34-66%)
Balancing:OCCASIONALLY (1-33%) Kneeling: OCCASIONALLY (34-66%)
Bending: OCCASIONALLY (1-33%) Crouching: OCCASIONALLY (34-66%)
Reaching: CONTINUOUSLY (67-100%) Crawling: NEVER
6. Sensory Requirements:
Talking and/or Hearing: YESSeeing: Acuity: YES
Depth Perception: YES
Field of Vision: YES
Accommodation: YES
Color Vision: NO
7. Environmental Conditions That Are Found in the Work Site:
PHYSICAL SURROUNDINGS: X Inside (75% of time)
_ Outside (75% of time)
_ Both (equal amounts)
TEMPERATURE: _ Cold (enough to cause bodily
_ Hot (enough to cause bodily
_ Variations (sufficient to cause
bodily reactions)
WET: _ Contact with water and/or other
HUMID: _ Moisture content sufficient to
cause bodily discomfort
NOISE: _ Sufficient to require hearing
VIBRATION: _ Sufficient to cause repeated
motion or continuous shock
HAZARDS: _ Risk of bodily injury present
FUMES: _ Smoke or vapors resulting from
combustion or chemical reaction
ODORS: _ Toxic or non-toxic smells
TOXIC CONDITIONS: _ Exposure to disabling fumes,
dusts, gases, vapors, mists or
liquids that may cause bodily
DUST: _ Small particulates that may cause
occupational disease
POOR VENTILATION: _ Exposure to drafts or insufficient
movement of air

Contact Person:
Location: Seattle, WA
Application Method: Online or Email
Base Pay: DOE

Posted on June 28, 2021

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