Construction Worker - Yakima, WA

Employer: Fisher Construction

Job Description:
Fisher Construction, LLC is hiring!!
Who we are:
We take pride in the quality that we offer our customers in the Yakima Valley. We do not do “cheap work”. We also offer our employees a healthy and safe work environment where being promoted and getting raises is completely in our employees hands, “you get out of it what you put into it”. We take excellent care of the employees that care about building Fisher Construction, LLC and the reputation it has in our community. We are generous. We believe what comes around goes around. We believe In not only paying well but teaching our employees the importance of what they do with the money they have, how to save their money, invest their money, raise their credit scores, prepare for purchasing/acquiring property, ETC. We love our employees and are extremely grateful for them. We know we are only as good as our employees are. We recognize our business would not be where it is without quality employees.
We are looking for hard working self motivated employees that care about how much they get done each day and that it is done with the greatest amount of quality possible.
We offer:
- The most competitive pay and raises offered in residential construction.
- 24/7 gym membership.
- Direct pay medical coverage.
- Very generous Christmas bonuses for employees that care to put the company first.
- Paid time off. Starting out your first year you get 3-5 days paid time off depending on what you produce. The number of days increases each year you are with us.
- No down time/lay off’s all year. We work all year round and we are always booked out at least one year with our schedule. We have very steady work and offer over time or allow you to bank hours in order to take more time off for vacations. We know the importance of taking time off with your family and do not punish our employees for taking pre-arranged, scheduled time off.
- An iPhone and unlimited coverage plan to lead carpenters and project managers, no expense to employees.
- Company work vehicles you can take home with you each night for leads and project managers.
- A healthy work environment that will challenge you to grow as a carpenter and as an individual person which will change the outcome of your life overall.
Here at Fisher Construction, LLC you will find family, family that takes care of you. I as the owner take great care of my family/employees. We want you to win in life, that is our goal, we want a healthy, safe and fun work experience for all our employees! We are growing incredibly fast. We have great opportunity for all new employees that put in the work to build the company.
To apply:
Email resume and residential/commercial construction work history to
You can also contact me, Derek, at 509-424-6072

Contact Person:
Location: Yakima, WA
Application Method: email resume or call
Base Pay: DOQ

Posted on June 16, 2021

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