Skilled and Unskilled Laborers Needed

Employer: All Property Improvements LLC

Job Description:
Looking for positive people with a good attitude willing to take on new challenges and a variety of tasks. We are general contractors and take on a many different projects; home building, fences, decks, framing, finish work... to lawn maintenance and general labor. We have teams so we can place people within their own skill level while they are learning.

We are a fast growing, professional construction company, offering a drug and alcohol free workplace, opportunity for advancement, and can offer some scheduling flexibility with advance notice.

Please apply if you are an amazing DIY'er. As long as you successfully demonstrate your carpentry skills, you would be considered. Military background, trade school, other other types of careers that have prepared you to work are acceptable.

Our expectations are that you can behave yourself in a professional manner and know how to hold a job. We are not going to pay you to be on your phone! High emotional intelligence very strongly preferred - this means you know how to handle yourself and your reactions to others, you can accept feedback without becoming defensive, you know how to get help without wasting the time of 10 other people first... we have been in business for 4 years now and are building a company that we expect to have 20 years from now. We want a solid team of people who can work successfully together and be part of this process. You will be part of writing your own future job description and can grow in to where you see yourself in one year or five.

Please note:
- You absolutely MUST be able to take directions from both males and females. At any point if this is an issue, you will no longer have a job.
- Absolutely no drugs or alcohol will be allowed on our job sites. If more than one supervisor suspects you to be under the influence, you will be asked to test or leave.
- We do not "party" after work. While we believe in rewarding employees and are down for a family friendly BBQ, bowling, or such, we will not be spending time on activities that do not build our business or our families.
- Self control is a must. Our Company has very goal oriented managers. We believe you will only get out of life what you put in to it. If you are ambitious and know how to take initiative, this is one of those opportunities in life that those traits will be rewarded.
- We understand people may have past issues. For insurance purposes, we are unable to hire people with "crimes against persons." This would include rape, murder, assault, crimes against vulnerable persons to include financial crimes, DV issues, robbery, burglary, and so forth. A background check will be performed. Be honest and upfront with us please - having a record does not exclude you. Lying will!
- Always on a cell phone! If you cannot remove your cellular device from your head and focus on the job, this is not the job for you.

Unskilled labor:
- A good attitude and willingness to learn is more important than the skills you currently have. A positive attitude is a must. We are looking for "can-do" type people who look for reasons why a task can be completed and not excuses why you can't get something done. You will have the opportunity to earn regular bonuses and grow in your position through additional training and opportunities.
- You will be asked to clean up worksites, dig holes, perform manual labor, organize tools, clean company vehicles, and so forth. Show up, pay attention, have a positive attitude... and you can be trained to do other tasks.

Skilled labor:
- Pay depends on qualifications; if you have your own vehicle and tools, pay is much better. You may be asked to supervise others and training is available if you do not have supervisory experience, but can demonstrate leadership qualities.
- We are general contractors - everyone on the team is cross-trained. We make every effort to pair people up with work they prefer, however, if our owners are willing to dig holes, you should be willing also! See trash... be willing to pick it up. The pay is the be wiling to do your part.
- Sheetrock and concrete experience in addition to other skills is helpful but not required.

- You are eligible for any benefits we offer after 90 days of full time employment. This could include a PTO benefit and Aflac options. We are looking in to benefits now. Currently, paid lunch and breaks are offered. We also pay referral bonuses to people who bring in work... at this time, it is 5% of the sale and if you are an employee, we will find something on site you can do - so say you are an unskilled laborer, and you bring in a job, you would get 5% of the job and get to work on that job performing tasks within your skill level.

BONUS up, work accurately and quickly, and when you get paid, you will receive bonus pay. We want you to earn a fair paycheck but we also want you to show up. Bonus pay is in place to encourage those who know how to work hard and hold a job - and not overpay those who don't. We can explain the system during your interview. We think you will be pleased.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time
Pay: From $15.00 per hour with regular bonus*
Heavy lifting, digging, and working both indoors and outdoors may be required. Weather conditions may not be ideal at times.
Work is performed in Kittitas and Yakima Counties

Please send letter of interest to the email below and a resume if you have one. Please describe the skills you have that you believe are useful for this type of work and how you acquired that particular skill. Please be specific. The most important part of this is that you can actually do what you say you can regardless of how you acquired the skill.

Contact Person: `Robyn
Phone: 509-929-7890
Location: Kittitas and Yakima , WA
Application Method: Email
Base Pay: $15 HR

Posted on June 08, 2021

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