Medication Manager - Yakima, WA

Employer: Kittitas Interactive Management

Job Description:
The primary role of the Medication Manager is the management of client planning, including medication management, and healthcare management in compliance with State and Federal regulations. This position is a strong advocate for all of Kittitas Interactive Management (KIM) clients. The Medication Manager oversees all medication management functions of client services.

*Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Manage medication management by making sure Resident Coordinators:
Oversee medication charting.
Pick-up 4-week cycle and new medications and review medications for any changes.
Set-up clients doctor appointments.
Assist in doctor correspondence including chart notes and/or Dr. notes.
Check for any side effects.
Check med. log for staff or client errors.
Check for PRN medications when taken and results.
Oversee documentation of health care appointments.
Manage all aspects of healthcare management for each client, including medical insurance, doctors’ appointments, medical equipment, and keeping the track of 4 major appointment:
Oversee clients MAR, oversee medication consents including release of information.
Maintain pharmacy communications.
Implement and manage all Medication Administration Records (MAR).
Oversee incident report, T-logs, and RCS reports, concerning medication and healthcare.
Maintain professional relationship with:
Nurse Delegator
Manage Health and Safety Plan and meetings, including all coordination between KIM, clients, client guardians, DDA, therapist, and other interested parties.
Maintain KIM and DDA medication policies.
Responsible for all medication disposals.
Manage client intake/transition regarding medication and healthcare.
Participate in training and developing activities on the topic of medication.
Maintain a high degree of confidentiality when dealing with client matters relative to organizational functions. Treat client information carefully and confidentially maintaining privacy and security at all times. Be honest with all KIM parties, providing them clear, complete, and factual information.
Acknowledge the needs, wants, and rights of clients with dignity and respect.
Be aware and abide by all agency policies, procedures, and practices.
Report promptly instances of injuries, behaviors, abuse, and safety hazards, etc. to the proper chain of command
Be accessible and prepared to manage emergency situations whether by physically being there or via phone.
Assist in the management of fundraising events.
Manage all data collecting of KIM client medication and healthcare information.

*Education and Experience
Minimum age of 18 years.
Current criminal background check, cleared by DSHS before working alone, unsupervised with clients.
Valid driver’s license or Washington State ID.
Must have a minimum of one year as a Resident Coordinator.
Bachelor Degree desired, but not required.
Ability to work with minimal supervision.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Capability to adapt to a fast-changing environment.
Exercises time management skills to manage multiple high priority projects.
Ability to gain the trust and confidence of the executive and management team.

*Certificates, Licenses and Registrations
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), or higher credentials preferred.

Contact Person: David Naboychik
Phone: 5096070411
Location: Yakima, WA
Application Method: Email
Base Pay: 19.00/hr

Posted on May 27, 2021

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