Wastewater Treatment Plant Lead Maintenance Technician - Yakima, WA

Employer: The City of Yakima

Job Description:
Wastewater Treatment Plant Lead Maintenance Technician
SALARY: $28.90 - $34.66 Hourly, $5,009.33 - $6,007.73 Monthly
OPENING: DATE: 04/30/21 - CLOSING DATE: 05/24/21 04:00 PM

The City of Yakima Wastewater Treatment Plant has received 7+ years of the Outstanding
Performance Award from the Department of Ecology! Apply today to become a part of an
award winning team!
The City of Yakima is a premier employer in the Yakima Valley with extensive opportunities for
training and growth.

The City offers a competitive benefit package including:
• Comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage
• FREE healthcare clinic!
• WA State PERS pension plan
• Employer contribution to a 457 deferred compensation plan
• Generous accruals for vacation and sick leave
• Much more!

Requires successful completion of a vocational training program in an industrial
electro/mechanical apprenticeship program OR evidence of journey level competency in the
electrical, mechanical, communications, and plumbing trades AND two years of progressively
responsible maintenance experience in an industrial process industry.

Must possess and maintain a valid Washington State Driver’s License. Requires a Washington
State Electrician’s license must include certification for industrial level up to 600 volt; a
Washington State Electrician’s License 01 (EL01) OR EL07 and EL06 is required.

Under limited supervision, the Wastewater Treatment Plant Lead Maintenance Technician
organizes, schedules, coordinates, and participates in the installation, maintenance, repair and
operation of mechanical and electrical equipment, instrumentation, and industrial process control
systems associated with a wastewater and stormwater collection and treatment system.

- Schedules and performs preventative maintenance which includes equipment inspections and
minor adjustments, equipment lubrication and oil changes, pump and motor alignment, and
equipment rotation.
- Performs corrective maintenance, which includes equipment rebuilds, instrumentation,
troubleshooting; pump, compressor, and motor repair; minor heating and air conditioner (HVAC)
- Performs predictive maintenance, which includes vibration analysis, bearing analysis, and
electrical measurements.
- Maintains an inventory of parts and supplies, and maintains shop.
- Prepares written reports and records using a computerized maintenance management system.
- May coordinate mechanic duties and responsibilities with the work performed by contractors,
vendors, and other wastewater work units.
- Under limited direction provides leadership to mechanical technicians to assure organized and
safe approach and operation of a crew that maintains, repairs, replace, troubleshoot, and adjust
machinery and equipment including, but not limited to the following:
- Electric motors varying in size from precision fractional through 400 horsepower (HP),
including variable speed drive, electric controls and switch gear.
- Pumps varying from small chemical metering pumps through large capacity wastewater
pumps; also aerators, screens, level and flow controls, air compressors, auxiliary engines
and diesel generators, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric control systems.
- Piping networks for chemical feed and control equipment.
Instrumentation and control systems including calibration, adjustment, and repair of
telemetry equipment, remote machine controls, chemical feed equipment and machinery,
laboratory apparatus, computer-based remote terminal units and related devices..
- Cathodic protection systems for transmission of wastewater.
- Technical tasks for data systems.
- May evaluate and develop preventative and corrective maintenance measures and
requirements; evaluate equipment operation.
- Design and fabricate using machine tools, mig and tig welders, lathe, computer numerical control
(CNC) machine, mill, and various hand tools.
Maintain and use a computerized maintenance database including: inventories for equipment,
- Review and comment on design plans and specifications related to mechanical, electrical, and
instrumentation systems. May design and fabricate special electrical and mechanical systems
as required.
- Provides input to supervisor for performance evaluations of crew members; communicates
technical and complex issues clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing to supervisor, coworkers,
employees, and other divisions and agencies.
- Requires regular and reliable attendance.
- Performs other related duties as assigned.

- Must possess Knowledge of:
- General operating principles of electrical and mechanical equipment and the practices,
methods, tools, and materials used in maintenance and operation of industrial process
- Leadership best practices including coordination of multiple work tasks and projects
- The maintenance of complex industrial equipment; hydraulics; welding techniques;
machining tools and equipment; metals and metal working tools; pipefitting; electricity; and
carpentry; occupational hazards and safety precautions in the operation and maintenance
of industrial machinery and equipment.
- Current electrical/electronic maintenance practices, troubleshooting, calibration, repair and
the technical application of electrical/electronic theory
- Occupational hazards and necessary safety precautions applicable to the mechanical and
electrical maintenance and operations work.
- Must possess the Skills and Ability to:
Inspect, test, remove, disassemble, repair, replace, reassemble, install, align, and restore to
operation a variety of wastewater mechanical equipment and systems including, but not limited
to the following: pumps, motors, engines, power transmission equipment, valves and piping
appurtenances, tanks, screening devices, generators, heating and air conditioner (HVAC)
systems, pressure lines, pressure regulating valves, chemical feed systems, auxiliary equipment
and complex process control systems.
- Maintain a safe and clean work area; clean and maintain tools and equipment used in the
performance of duties.
- Safely and efficiently operate and use a variety of hand and power tools in the performance of
assigned duties.
- Provide effective leadership; troubleshoot and analyze situations accurately and adopt an
effective course of action
- Prioritize workload to meet usage/production needs
- Maintain and use computer terminals, software programs, and computer systems standard to the
wastewater maintenance work unit used for inventories, work orders, preventive and corrective
maintenance systems, and work histories.
- Gather, analyze, and interpret data
- Read, understand and follow technical manuals, blueprints, drawings, and related materials.
- Add, subtract, multiply, divide and perform basic algebra; demonstrate a knowledge of basic
physics and science.
- Understand and follow written and oral directions of a complex nature.
- Work safely with electrical equipment, toxic chemicals, and in unpleasant and/or dangerous
- Work safely and in compliance with federal, state and local state laws, regulations, policies and
- Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing with appropriate use of business
- English including correct grammar, letter composition, spelling, punctuation
- Establish and maintain effective and courteous relationships with city officials, employees,
and the public
- Work independently and make decisions within broad guidelines
In addition, must be able and willing as necessary to perform any duties listed in the Wastewater
- Industrial Maintenance series.

- Work is performed outside in all weather extremes and may be exposed to water, mud, dust,
smoke, asbestos cement pipe, noxious odors, fumes, or chemicals, raw sewage and/or traffic.
- Continuous use of both hands in reaching/handling/ grasping/fingering while performing duties
operating computers and other machinery. May be required to lift up to 50 pounds frequently,
and up to 100 pounds occasionally with the assistance of others and/or mechanical
devices. Operates heavy vehicles, equipment and machinery. Occasionally ascends/descends
stairs, ladders, and inclines while maintaining balance. Physical strength and ability sufficient to
perform heavy manual labor for extended periods. Frequent bending/twisting at knees/waist/neck
while performing mechanical repairs, maintenance items and other duties as assigned.
- Occasional kneeling/crouching/crawling while making repairs in confined spaces and awkward
positions. Must be able to wear safety harness and be lowered and raised with cable winch in
confined spaces. May work at heights, alone, with others, or in noisy work area. May require
continuous moving, sitting or standing for excessive periods of time. Continuous use of all
senses including feeling/talking/hearing/seeing while performing duties and while communicating
with co-workers, general public and completing all tasks as assigned. Must be able to distinguish
color and maintain long-term and short-term memory. Will be required to wear safety protective
gear when necessary. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with
disabilities to perform the essential job functions.

Exposed to adverse weather conditions, confined spaces, raw sewage, toxic and combustible
gas, other chemical hazards, and traffic. May be required to work evenings, weekends, and
holidays. Shifts may be subject to emergency call-out or standby.

129 N. 2nd Street
Yakima, WA 98901
(509) 575-6090
Position #21-00061

Wastewater Treatment Plant Lead Maintenance Technician Supplemental

* 1. Did you clearly document your work history in the Work Experience section of your
application including dates, titles and duties for each position/classification held?
- Yes
- No
* 2. What is your highest level of education?
- High School diploma/GED
- Some College
- Associates Degree
- Bachelors Degree
- Masters Degree
- Technical/Trade Certification
- None of the above
* 3. Have you completed a vocational training program in an industrial electro/mechanical
apprenticeship program? (Be sure any education and training is accurately
documented in the Education section of your application)
- Yes
- No
* 4. How many years' experience do you possess of progressively responsible
maintenance experience in an industrial process industry?
- None
- Less than 2 years
- At least 2 years and less than 5 years
- At least 5 years
* 5. If you have the experience above, enter here the name(s) of the employer(s) and
your job title(s). (Be sure application clearly outlines your job duties and lists both
the months and years of experience in each position.)
* 6. Detail your experience and level of competency (beginner, intermediate, or journey
level) for EACH of the following: - Electrical - Mechanical - Plumbing
* 7. Please select which Washington State Electrician's License you possess:
- None
- EL01
- EL07
- EL06
* 8. Does your Electrician's License include certification for industrial level up to 600
- Yes
- No
- I do not possess an Electrician's License
* 9. Can you read and understand electrical diagrams and blueprints to troubleshoot
- Yes
- No
* 10. If you answered YES above, give an example.
* 11. Please describe particular skills, experience or training which you believe BEST
qualifies you for this position.
* Required Question

Contact Person:
Location: Yakima, WA
Application Method: APPLICATIONS MAY BE FILED ONLINE AT: http://www.yakimawa.gov 129 N. 2nd Street Yakima, WA 98901 (509) 575-6090 jobs@ci.yakima.wa.us Position #21-00061
Base Pay: $28.90 - $34.66 HR, $5,009.33 - $6,007.73 MO

Posted on May 04, 2021

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