Bus Driver - WA state

Employer: Inspire Development Centers

Job Description:
The following examples of duties and accountabilities illustrate the general range of tasks assigned to the position but are not intended to define the limits of required duties. Other essential duties may be assigned consistent with the general scope of the position.

1. The Bus Driver is the final authority and responsible for the health, safety and well being of all bus occupants while in route. Establishes and maintains bus route in coordination with Family Service Worker for review and approval of Center Manager. Runs fixed routes as written; does not make unauthorized changes to routes or stops. Limit cell phone usage for emergency purposes and other agency prescribed protocol.
2. Responsible to ensure general maintenance of bus and to ensure a clean and hygienic environment keep the bus in working order. Responsible to maintain and complete attendance log, mileage bus log and maintenance log daily. Provides training to Bus Monitor(s) throughout the year as needed.
3. Responsible to provide in-service trainings to staff, parents and conduct Emergency Bus Evacuation. Participates in local center meetings to provide orientation on bus safety/protocols to include safety drills and evacuation plans.
4. Responsible to provide/receive written/oral information between center staff and parent participants. Immediately reports incidents accidents, or unusual situations (i.e. child abuse reports, etc.) that could or did place a child at risk of injury and willing and able to describe such incidents in writing.
5. Conducts a pre-trip inspection of the vehicle driven every day and report suspected mechanical problems at once. Conduct a thorough post-trip inspection for children or other items left on board at the conclusion of each trip.
6. Responsible to sweep, vacuum, mop, dust, clean, and disinfect classrooms sinks, restrooms, and common areas. Responsible to dispose of all garbage and disinfect wastebaskets or garbage cans daily. Keep outside equipment clean and in good/safe working conditions, (i.e. lawn mowers, shop vacuums, extractor, etc.). Strip, wax, and polish floors and shampoo carpets according to center schedule.
7. Responsible to keep sidewalks, parking lot, and playground areas safe from hazard. Responsible that all doors and windows are securely locked before closing center. Discuss unique concerns of facility, and immediately reports any unsafe equipment to Safety Committee Chair person and/or Center Manager.
8. Responsible to replace outside light bulbs, exit lights, broken gutters, washing windows, minor exterior center repairs, plumbing, and painting. Check and change furnace filters as needed. Lawn maintenance as needed during growing season. To include cutting lawn, watering, weed control, and center landscaping.
9. Be familiar with Hazardous Materials Program and ensure that all chemicals and cleaning supplies and materials are stored and locked in a childproof cabinet or storeroom. Responsible to prepare and maintaining inventories of janitorial supplies, reporting and requesting to the Center Manager, those that need to be purchased.
10. Assist the head cook and/or cook in storing and dating groceries.
11. Shows interest in furthering professional growth by attending staff meetings, workshops, trainings, and seminars.
12. Maintains confidentiality of program and client related information at all times.
13. Perform all other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications
Incumbents are required to demonstrate knowledge and abilities in these areas:
• Ability to read write and communicate in English and/or Spanish to fulfill the responsibilities of this position;
• Excellent in following Safety Policy and Procedures;
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
• Excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills;
• Experience in bus safety and risk management;
• Must be able to understand and follow written and oral instructions and procedures without constant supervision;
• Understanding of the interrelationships between services and systems;
• Flexible to work different schedules, may be split shift and/or with various bus routes depending on availability of shifts;
• Strong customer service focus;
• Ability to learn new tasks quickly and efficiently;
• Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and meet deadlines;
• Ability to gather and write data for reports and recordkeeping skills;
• Ability to work with culturally diverse population; and
• Excellence in building maintenance.

These skills and abilities are typically acquired through a combination of education and training and seven (7) years regular driving experience. The combination of abilities, experience and training will provide the competence to perform the work of the position.

Preferred Qualifications
• High School Diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate.
• Two (2) years driving commercial experience or large load transportation.
• English/Spanish bi-lingual fluency.
• Ability to maintain effective working relationship with fellow employees, program recipients, and the general public.
• High standards of work ethics - cleanliness and sanitation.

Position Requirements
Incumbents are required to have the following:
• Must be at least 25 years of age;
• Valid Washington State Commercial Driver License (CDL) Class B or C with passenger (P1) (P2), and school bus (S) endorsements. See page four;
• Medical Examiners Certificate;
• Must provide a yearly driving abstract;
• Must maintain acceptable driving history;
• Proof of automobile insurance;
• Ability to travel to perform job duties and responsibilities;
• Must pass initial and periodic criminal and background check;
• Must pass initial and periodic Department of Early Learning (DEL) background check;
• Must pass initial and periodic employee health clearance; (present it within forty-five (45) days of employment);
• Current Food Handler card; (obtain the training within thirty (30) days of employment);
• Current First Aid / CPR cards, (obtain the training within thirty (30) days of employment);
• Subject to initial and periodic TB screen;
• Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV / AIDS) training, (obtain the training within thirty (30) days of employment);
• Blood Borne Pathogen training, (obtain the training within thirty (30) days of employment);
• Subject to random drug screen;
• Must sign a Confidentiality Agreement; and
• Must complete and sign a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement on an annual basis.

Passenger (P) endorsement:
All passenger endorsements are connected to a vehicle Class B or C, depending on the weight of the vehicle:
• Class B passenger endorsement (B/P1) is required to operate vehicles designed to carry 16 or more persons (including the driver), and weighing 26,001 lbs. or more
• Class C passenger endorsement (C/P2) is required to operate vehicles designed to carry 16 or more persons (including the driver), and weighing 26,000 lbs. or less.

School Bus (S) endorsement:
- Required for drivers who operate school buses to transport students to or from school and for school sponsored events.
- A passenger endorsement (P) is also required for a school bus endorsement to be valid.

All school bus endorsements are connected to a vehicle Class B or C, depending on the weight of the vehicle:
• Class B school bus endorsement (B/P1/S) is required to operate a school bus weighing 26,001 lbs. or more.
• Class C school bus endorsement (C/P2/S) is required to operate a school bus weighing 26,000 lbs. or less.

Air Brake (K) restriction:
This is an automatic restriction. If a driver has successfully passed the necessary written and driving tests for air brake equipped vehicles, this endorsement will be removed. Drivers who do not pass these tests are restricted on the CDL to non-air brake vehicles.

Contact Person: Delmy
Phone: 5098398686
Email: delmy.martin@inspire-centers.org
Location: WA State
Application Method: Email: delmy.martin@inspire-centers.org
Base Pay: $18-$25hr.

Posted on April 05, 2021

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