Instrument Operations Technician I - Sacramento, CA and Keyes, CA

Employer: Messer

Job Description:
Instrument Operations Technician I - this opportunity is open to recent grads for apprenticeship and also experienced technicians. We have open opportunities in Sacramento, CA and Keyes, CA.

Please apply:

- Understand and adhere to company safe work policies.
- Follow Lone Worker Requirements.
- Promote a safe work environment.
- Report safety incidents and near misses.
- Report any unsafe conditions, environmental concerns and process problems to management immediately.
- Contribute to the improvement of the Safety, Health, Environment and Quality programs.
- Apply the HWP process, LOTO and energy isolation procedures as required for company and contractor personnel.
- Follow EMOC procedure for all changes to process and operating procedures.
- Maintain site orderliness.
- Perform safety indoctrinations for contractors.

- Utilize Computerized Maintenance Management System (Maximo) to execute, document and continuously improve equipment preventative and corrective maintenance strategy.
- Support Area Manager, Utilize Web Audit Manager and Synergy to execute, document all corrective actions issued to the site from Audits and - Incidents review (when applicable).
- Maintain plant spares inventory and raise gaps to management attention
- Follow work instructions and annotate with feedback.
- Calibration, configuration, or replacement of field instrumentation devices.
- Perform and document process and product analyzers calibration checks.
- Efficiently troubleshoot and repair electrical equipment control circuits.
- Efficiently troubleshoot and repair process control equipment.
- Set up and safely operate all tools and equipment necessary to perform assigned work.
- Functionally test or troubleshoot instrument or electrical control loops through to field devices to verify proper operation.
- Calibrate custody meters and manage documentation.
- Effectively prioritize and schedule all work activities.
- Process Operation and Efficiency:
- Assist Shutdowns, Start-ups, Derime, and production state changes for plant(s) in area.
- Apply the Hazardous Work Permit (HWP) process, Lock Out, Tag Out (LOTO) and energy isolation procedures
- Follow EMOC procedure for all changes to process and operating procedures
- Maintain site security and maintain site orderliness
- Perform safety indoctrinations for contractors
- Utilize Computerized Maintenance Management System (Maximo)
- Perform and document process and product analyzers calibration checks
- Troubleshoot process problems to identify equipment requiring maintenance
- Perform water treatment tasks
- Document activities and data in plant logbook and SAP system
- Direct and monitor contractors
- Participate in safety committee activities
- Complete all training activities according to schedule and meet annual performance goals
- Accept on call duty and overtime as required

Administrative and Managerial:
Follow all Quality Control requirements to ensure a quality product is delivered to Messer’s customers.

Meet FDA requirements where applicable:
- Maintain a Shutdown and Turnaround work list and schedule, efficiently use of downtime.
- Maintain open continuous line of communication with manager.
- Maintain orderly and clean work area and vehicle(s).
- Direct and monitor contractors.
- Lead and participate in operations and safety meetings.
- Participate in safety committee activities as required.
- Drill planning, energy isolation reviews, etc.
- Support entry level technicians through coaching and mentoring.

Required Qualifications:
- With an relevent Associate's degree - this can be an apprenticeship
or approximately 3 years of relevant experience in a related process plant operations reliability activity .

Required Skills:
- Math - Basic algebra, fractions/percentages, unit conversion.
- Personal computer proficiency and other software used by the company.
- Strong interpersonal abilities to support team philosophy and strategy.
- Strong interpersonal abilities to support mentoring/coaching activities.
- Strong organizational ability.
- Ability to work alone.
- High mechanical aptitude and ability to work with simple mechanic’s hand tools.
- Familiar with codes and standards associated with wiring and conduit.
- Comprehensive knowledge of applicable chemical manufacturing process and hazards within area or site
- Familiar with all process equipment and function.
- Understanding of electrical hazards and safety, and ability to troubleshoot electrical systems, with support from central engineering.
- Comprehensive knowledge of and ability to troubleshoot 4-20 mA transmitter and electro-pneumatic control loops.
- Comprehensive knowledge and ability to troubleshoot pneumatic control systems consisting of I/Ps, solenoid valves, quick exhausts, actuators, regulators and proportional/integral controllers both stand alone and cascaded.
- Comprehensive knowledge and ability to troubleshoot industrial refrigeration skids.
- Comprehensive knowledge and ability to troubleshoot machinery vibration monitoring systems.
- Understanding of all trip and interlock logic protecting people and equipment.
- Comprehensive knowledge of control system architectures including hardware setup and software configuration.
- Ability to interpret engineering drawings including P&IDs and PFDs.
- Ability to interpret electrical drawings including Single line diagrams.
- Able to navigate a document management system to find relevant work instructions, forms, and supporting documentation.
- Ability to complete all preventive maintenance jobs according to best practice.
- Capable of operating a forklift, and/or overhead crane, and/or man lift according to company policy.
- Or certificate in a technical discipline or recent military training in a technical field.

Other Qualifications:
- Physically able to perform all duties required which may involve among other things: bending, stooping, kneeling, climbing ladders, and lifting and carrying loads of up to 50 lbs.
- Ability to climb to heights over 200 ft above grade and work effectively.
- Reside within a reasonable distance of plant.
- Valid driver’s license with good record.
- Capable of distinguishing different colors.

Contact Person: Margaret O'Sullivan
Phone: 262-307-2572
Location: openings in Sacramento, CA and Keyes, CA
Application Method: Resume
Base Pay: competitive

Posted on March 24, 2021

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