Care Provider - Yakima, WA

Employer: Kittitas Interactive Management

Job Description:

The primary role of the Direct Support Professional is to provide daily living support to the clients by being in the client’s homes and community.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Provide training, assistance, and support to clients in all areas of daily living as outlined in the client’s POC (Plan of Care), IISP (Individual Instruction and Support Plan), PBSP (Positive Behavior Support Plan), and therapist approved treatment plan.

Supervise clients to ensure adequate safety.

Ensure adequate health care for each client.

Assist client with daily hygiene as part of POC up to and including brushing teeth, bathing, hair washing, toiletry, etc.

Implement and evaluate individualized programs for clients.

Maintain client confidentially.

Maintain appropriate staff/client relationships.

Acknowledge the needs, wants, and rights of clients with dignity and respect.

Transport clients to and from all agency activities.

Accompany clients on all outings and activities.

Complete all forms, reports, and data sheets as required by the administrator.

Safeguard all company and client property.

Be aware and abide by all agency policies, procedures, and practices.

Report promptly instances of injuries, behaviors, abuse, and safety hazards, etc. to the administrator.

Maintain an ongoing inventory of client’s personal property.

Keep all hazardous materials, medications, etc. in the designated locked location.

Perform other responsibilities as defined by the administrator.

Report to work on time.

While on duty staff is not allowed to partake of or have any illegal drugs or alcohol.

Staff must be awake and alert while on duty.

Oversee the implementation and documentation of medications.

Implement a safe and clean environment in which our clients live by doing households ADLS (i.e., chores, meals, bathing, hygiene, removal of garbage, laundry, etc.)

Abide by Chain of Command, reporting directly to Resident Coordinator for client related reporting and Field Trainer for in-house training and Scheduling Manager for scheduling, except in cases otherwise instructed.

Assist in resident money management:

Petty Cash



Running Balance

Money Envelopes

Contact Person: David Naboychik
Phone: 5096070411
Location: Yakima, WA
Application Method: Email
Base Pay: 13.75/HR

Posted on February 04, 2021

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