Warehouse Systems & Process Analyst - Seattle, WA

Employer: Alaskan Copper & Brass Company

Job Description:
Job Summary:

Develop, implement, analyze, and document warehouse management systems and operational processes. Design, configure, and administer the new Enterprise Resource Program (Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Crowe Metals Accelerator) to execute warehouse operations of the company. Analyze problems, make recommendations, and train personnel. Reports to the Branch Manager and ERP Project Manager.

Required Essential Job Skills/Experience:

1. Experience analyzing and interpreting data.
2. 2-4 years of experience in warehouse operations and/or operations management.
3. Experience in distribution.
4. Must be a self starter and able to manage time independently without direct supervision.
5. BA in Business, Logistics, Information Technology, and/or related fields desired.
Required Essential Job Functions/Duties:

1. Analyze and evaluate current state warehouse management systems and processes; provide assessment and recommendations for improvement to management.
2. Join ERP implementation team to learn future state processes in ERP (Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Crowe Metals Accelerator), in preparation to go-live in October 2021.
3. Develop training strategies and materials to train warehouse personnel on warehouse management system including computer terminal operations and barcode scanner mobile devices.
4. Provide support after implementation to warehouse personnel; troubleshoot systems errors or transactional mistakes.
5. Develop analytic tools to evaluate warehouse utilization; assess and recommend operational improvements to streamline operations.
6. After implementation, attend monthly ERP meetings to discuss system changes and corporate initiatives; contribute to strategic direction of company and systems.
7. Evaluate and implement new processes and technology that improve efficiency.

Job Benefits:

1. Company paid medical insurance (Medical, Dental, & Vision).
2. PTO.
3. Paid holidays.
4. 401K.
5. Profit sharing.
6. Company paid life insurance.

Job Accommodations:

Considered on an individual basis.

Physical Requirements:

1. This position requires the following in an 8-hour workday:

Total At One Time (Hours) Total During Entire 8-Hour Day
Standing: 0 to 8 hours 0-8 hours
Walking: 2 hours Up to 2 hours
Sitting: 0 to 8 hours 0-8 hours

2. Movement of objects and strength required for this job:

Lifting: Carrying:
Up to 5 lbs.: FREQUENTLY (34-66%) FREQUENTLY (34-66%)
6-10 lbs.: OCCASIONALLY (1-33%) OCCASIONALLY (1-33%)
11-20 lbs.: OCCASIONALLY (1-33%) OCCASIONALLY (1-33%)
21-25 lbs.: OCCASIONALLY (1-33%) OCCASIONALLY (1-33%)
26-50 lbs.: OCCASIONALLY (1-33%) OCCASIONALLY (1-33%)
51-100 lbs.: NEVER NEVER

3. Required repetitive use of hands:
Simply Grasping: YES
Pushing & Pulling: NO
Fine Manipulating: YES

4. Repetitive Actions/Movements Involving the Feet:

Right Foot: NO
Left Foot: NO
Both: NO

5. Worker Positions Required in the Performance of this Job:

Climbing: OCCASIONALLY ( 1-33%) Balancing: NEVER
Bending: OCCASIONALLY ( 1-34%) Stooping: OCCASIONALLY (1-34%)
Kneeling: NEVER Crouching: OCCASIONALLY (1-34%)
Crawling: NEVER Reaching: OCCASIONALLY (34-66%)

6. Sensory Requirements:

Talking and/or Hearing: YES

Seeing: Acuity:
Depth Perception: YES
Field of Vision: YES
Accommodation: YES
Color Vision: NO

7. Environmental Conditions That Are Found in the Work Site:

PHYSICAL SURROUNDINGS: X Inside (75% of time)
_ Outside (75% of time)
_ Both (equal amounts)

TEMPERATURE: _ Cold (enough to cause bodily discomfort)
_ Hot (enough to cause bodily discomfort)
_ Variations (sufficient to cause bodily reactions)

WET: _ Contact with water and/or other liquids
HUMID: _ Moisture content sufficient to cause bodily discomfort

NOISE: _ Sufficient to require hearing protection
VIBRATION: _ Sufficient to cause repeated motion or continuous shock

HAZARDS: _ Risk of bodily injury present

FUMES: _ Smoke or vapors resulting from combustion or chemical reaction

ODORS: _ Toxic or non-toxic smells
TOXIC CONDITIONS: _ Exposure to disabling fumes, dusts, gases, vapors, mists or liquids that may cause bodily harm.

DUST: _ Small particles that may cause occupational disease

POOR VENTILATION: _ Exposure to drafts or insufficient movement of air

Contact Person:
Phone: (206) 382-7344
Email: jobs@alaskancopper.com
Location: Seattle, WA
Application Method:
Base Pay: DOQ

Posted on January 28, 2021

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