Security Systems Administrator - Toppenish, WA

Employer: Legend's Casino

Job Description:
Will install and maintain specialized access control hardware/software, including door, panic and other low-voltage equipment, a closed network/security server, and an electronic key control system. Will work with outside vendors to accomplish these tasks, including the monitoring and annual maintenance of a fire alarm system.

SPECIFIC DUTIES PERFORMED: This list of tasks is illustrative ONLY and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by positions in this class. It does not imply that all positions within the class perform all of the duties listed, nor does it necessarily list all possible duties that may be assigned.

Work with vendors/installers for fire alarm, access and key control systems.
Run wire for installation of network, access and key control systems.
Troubleshoot all systems (Fire, Access Control, Traka, Network, Reporting Software).
Report updates to Director of Security for all projects.
Work closely with surveillance technicians and Security Technician.
Setting up, configuring and maintaining all network systems, hardware/software IT security.
Must maintain user account maintenance forms (UAMF), key inventory/destructions logs and a system backup/disaster recovery plan.
Performing upgrades, install patches, and working with new applications and equipment.
Help monitor security systems, security network and key control programs.
Responsible for the administration of the key & access control, dispatch and reporting software.
Provide technical report and guidance to all Security departments users.
Subject to call 24/7.
Builds relationships inside and outside of their department / team to improve ways of working and provide a great guest experience.
Models for the team, a strong work ethic and is visible, available and present for the guest and their team.
Identifies ways to improve workflows and processes to work smarter and increase efficiency.
Moves the situation quickly toward resolution by efficiently managing and controlling the circumstances.
Explains the “why” behind the resolution or action for the guest.
Pays attention to detail and conducts thorough research to make the best decision for the guest and the business.
Makes judgment calls based on understanding Legends Casinos’ Purpose, Values and objectives while utilizing research, knowledge, and experience.
Proactively shares guest feedback with executive management and peers in the spirit of continuous improvement.
Seeks to share and improve processes and workflows based on guest feedback.
Finds ways to make good use of their strengths and talents.
Be approachable and show empathy when appropriate.
Maintaining privacy and confidentiality when assisting the guests needs.

MINIMUM EDUCATION REQUIRED FOR POSITION: IT technical degree from an accredited college. Degree can be substituted for three (3) years equivalent experience in related field. High school diploma or GED equivalent required. Valid Washington State Driver’s License required.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Manual and finger dexterity for operation of acomputer, basic hand and power tools, routine paperwork, finger print and hand readers, ability to terminate cable and repair locks/replace keys. Ability to sit or stand for an extended length of time and lift up to 50 pounds. Must be physically able to pull cable, climb a ladder and work in tight spots (requiring crawling and work on knees). High energy casino environment exposed to bright lights, smoke and noise.

SPECIFIC SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE REQUIRED FOR POSITION: Moderate to advanced computer knowledge and the ability to become quickly familiar with new software/programs. Experience with low voltage applications required. Electrical troubleshooting, wiring calculation, and door hardware experience is desired. The ability to work well under pressure and manage multiple tasks is desirable.

Experience with Windows 2000/2003 Server
Active Directory installation and management
File and print services
Backup and recovery of Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server
PC installation, maintenance and troubleshooting
Switch installation/Ethernet wiring
General IT troubleshooting
Symantec Antivirus Corporation edition
Maintain SAVCorp installations on both servers and clients
Keep virus definitions up-to-date.
- Familiarity with Microsoft Access, Excel and Word

Contact Person:
Location: Toppenish, WA
Application Method:
Base Pay: $21.03 Starting Salary

Posted on January 14, 2021

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