Instrument Technician - Auburn, CA

Employer: Aqua Sierra Controls, Inc.

Job Description:
Technicians are required to service, install and calibrate a multitude of instrumentation manufactured by a variety of suppliers. Instruments could include Temperature transmitters, recorders, sensors: Press transmitters and D/P transmitters, Venturi tubes, orifice plates, data loggers, recording devices: Open channel flow meters, flumes, samplers, PH analyzers: Analytical instruments: such as Chlorine, Conductivity, DO, PH, SCADA equipment, motor controls, VFD’s, PLC components and much more. There are too many instrument manufactures to list all of the instruments you will be servicing.

Technician in addition to the above must be familiar with the proper installation and calibration for a variety of instruments listed above, including control equipment, Pumps, automatic control valves both pneumatic and electric. Calibration of Instruments will require that you fill out the accuracy certification reports for each instrument serviced. Anytime you troubleshoot or service an industrial wastewater meter or other pay meter, it must be recertified.
Installation work will may require you to install conduit, pull wire and build custom structures as directed by the engineer. Electrical work may require you to work with single phase 240/120 VAC or 3-Phase 208/240/480 VAC. If you are not qualified to work with the three -phase hi voltage, speak with the service coordinator or engineer.

Service technicians must have a vehicle that conforms to the company policy with the proper bed protection if using a truck. The vehicle you drive for service must be kept in good running condition, serviced regularly and the body and paint in good visual condition. Technician must have his or her own hand tools, electric tools as indicated in the tool list we provide at the time of hire. Hourly wage scale depending on qualifications is between $ 28/Hr. entry Tech and $ 49/Hr. Senior Tech, plus benefits.

Contact Person: Les Watson
Phone: Office 800 649-4287 Cell 916 417-6030
Location: Auburn California
Application Method: Email
Base Pay: Pay range between $28 HR and 49 HR

Posted on January 08, 2021

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