Maintenance Mechanic - Paterson, WA

Employer: Lamb Weston

Job Description:
Job Description Summary
Lubricate machinery, change parts, or perform other routine machinery maintenance.

Job Description

Collaborate with other workers to repair or move machines, machine parts, or equipment.
Collect and discard worn machine parts and other refuse in order to maintain machinery and work areas.
Dismantle machines and remove parts for repair, using hand tools, chain falls, jacks, cranes, or hoists.
Inspect or test damaged machine parts, and mark defective areas or advise supervisors of repair needs.
Install, replace, or change machine parts and attachments, according to production specifications.
Lubricate or apply adhesives or other materials to machines, machine parts, or other equipment, according to specified procedures.
Measure, mix, prepare, and test chemical solutions used to clean or repair machinery and equipment.
Read work orders and specifications to determine machines and equipment requiring repair or maintenance.
Reassemble machines after the completion of repair or maintenance work.
Record production, repair, and machine maintenance information.
Remove hardened material from machines or machine parts, using abrasives, power and hand tools, jackhammers, sledgehammers, or other equipment.
Replace or repair metal, wood, leather, glass, or other lining in machines, or in equipment compartments or containers.
Replace, empty, or replenish machine and equipment containers
Set up and operate machines, and adjust controls to regulate operations.
Start machines and observe mechanical operation to determine efficiency and to detect problems.
Transport machine parts, tools, equipment, and other material between work areas and storage, using cranes, hoists, or dollies.
Troubleshoot and solve machine issues hindering production.
Perform routine preventive and corrective maintenance.
Actively participate in and contribute to continuous improvement efforts.
Other tasks as assigned

Job Qualifications

Minimum 3 years of related experience
High School Diploma/ GED or 3 years of related experience
Ability to read and understand blue prints.
Must be able to perform equipment installation and maintenance from blue prints and technical manuals.
Must possess ability to use all forms of welding, Mig/ Tig and Arc in Stainless Steel and mild steel
Ability to perform assigned work independently with minimal supervision.

Contact Person:
Location: Paterson, WA
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Base Pay: DOQ

Posted on November 18, 2020

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