Production Metalworker - Seattle, WA

Employer: Alaskan Copper Works

Job Description:
Alaskan Copper & Brass Company and Alaskan Copper Works operate as a combined metal service center, manufacturer and fabricator of corrosion resistant alloy products. We offer a large and diverse inventory of corrosion resistant alloys along with the latest in material processing equipment and expertise. Our goal is to continue to be a true "service center" for our customers. We provide accurate, rapid quotation services and the ability to deliver material on time, and, if necessary, preprocessed to our customer's exact specifications.

We will be accepting applications for this job opening only between the opening and closing dates. Individuals who meet all of the requirements will be considered for an interview.

Date Opened: November 5, 2020

Closing Date: November 19, 2020

Job Title: Production Metalworker V, W, X, Y or Z (Depending on qualifications) All levels being considered. This could be a swing or day shift position.

Pay Rate: DOE

Hours of Work: First Shift is 6:00 am to 2:30 pm, Second Shift is 3:00 pm to 11:30 pm.

Location: 3200 6th Avenue South, Seattle, WA

Representation: After 30 days, required to become a dues paying or financial core member of Sheetmetal Workers Local Union No. 66.

Job Summary:

Job summary is dependent upon level of entry. Entry level V, or assistant, could perform a variety of tasks including material handling, grinding and machine operating assistant. Higher levels of entry, W-Z will perform more specialized duties including, but not limited to, machine operation, material control and quality control.

Tools and Safety Equipment:

Employees will be expected to provide a tape measure for their own use and have steel-toe safety shoes.

Required Essential Job Skills/Conditions:

1. Application must be filled out completely by the Applicant.

3. Must be willing to work any shift.

4. Must be willing to work overtime when required.

5. Willing to comply with company rules and policies.

6. Able to pass pre-employment drug screen.

7. Able to read tape measure accurately to 1/16".

8. Able to lift and carry 100 pounds frequently.

9. Able to write or print legibly.

10. Able to read, write, understand and communicate in English.

Desirable Job Skills/Experience:

1. Experience operating a forklift, prefer frequent and recent experience.

2. Experience operating an overhead crane, frequently or infrequently.

3. Six months experience working in a metal fabrication environment.

4. Experience using metal shears.

5. Experience using press brakes.

6. Experience using hand-held grinders.

7. Experience using presses.

8. Able to climb stairs and ladders.

Required Essential Job Functions/Duties:

Varied metalworking duties depending on level expertise.

Training Offered:

1. Forklift truck operation.

2. Overhead crane operation.

3. Power hand tool operation.

4. Safety procedures.

5. Work assignment training.

Specific Job Functions/Duties:

This is a generic job description which generally covers all production metalworker assignments. See individual Task Job description for specific requirements.

Job Accommodations:

Considered on an individual basis.

Physical Demands:

This work is defined in the heavy strength factor of physical demands. It may require the ability to push/pull very large pieces of metal, which bends or contorts due to size and thickness. Pushing or pulling exert ional motions may be up to 200 times per shift, depending upon the type and number of work orders and the specific assignment.

Lifting and carrying is usually involved with the finished metal piece. Depending upon the workflow and products cut, this may include handling items up to 100 times per day. The metal sheets are too large to lift, but finished product or scrap pieces of metal may require lifting and limited carrying of up to 100 pounds from floor to pallet, or work station.

Standing and walking occur continuously throughout the course of a workday to retrieve metal pieces to process through the machine, or to remove finished pieces. Some intermittent sitting may occur when operating the forklift, or at lunch break.

Job Benefits:

1. Full health insurance (Medical, Dental, & Vision).

2. 401K.

3. PTO.

4. Paid holidays.

Contact Person:
Location: Seattle, WA
Application Method:
Base Pay: DOQ

Posted on November 16, 2020

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