Mechanical Assembler - Union Gap, WA

Employer: Thermoforming Systems

Job Description:


A Mechanical Assembler utilizes a board variety of hand and power tools to assemble units in accordance to blueprint, written, or supervisor issued instruction, all while maintaining a safe and positive environment.


Offer Team Members a rewarding and challenging environment for economic and personal growth.
Furnish customers with products of unsurpassed quality and service to earn their continued loyalty.
Develop suppliers who will provide products of superior value and treat them in a manner to merit their continued loyalty.
Make worthwhile contributions to the state of the art of our industry.
Provide shareholders with a long-term return on investment superior to other opportunities of equal risk.


On time shipment
Meet or beat budgeted hours.


Achieve Company Business Targets.
Pursue a continuing standard of personal growth and improvement by managing self and others.
Have fun at what I’m doing.


Perform mechanical assembly to insure quality workmanship
Work overtime as needed to meet the production schedule
Adhere to the company safety policy throughout the assembly work area
Assist in parts flow to the assembly area in an efficient manner
Maintain communication with the mechanical Assembly Supervisor, Inventory Control Coordinator, Project Manager as needed to meet on time delivery of machines
Assist Field Service in completing the pre-shipment lists as needed.
Assist in the preparation and loading of machines for shipping as needed.
Look to improve assembly methods and offer suggestions that may lead to costs savings
Travel to customer plant as required to assist in mechanical adjustments (special circumstances only)



Company Leadership: Company Leadership will exemplify principles consistent with its purpose, goals and target in carrying out their functions and duties.
Wages and Benefits: There are systems in place to ensure the accurate administration and timely payment of wages and benefits.
Incentives: Through the Work INcentive Bonus program (WIN program), and SIMPLE IRA program, Team Members will have the opportunity to share economically in the success of the company.
Education & Training: Team Members will have the opportunity to learn the procedures required to perform their work efficiently and effectively to produce Quality products, Safely and Productively, AND participate in Company sponsored education and training to continuously improve in carrying-out work duties.
Performance Appraisal: Team Members will receive performance appraisals under a formalized and regular assessment program.
Working Conditions: The Company will provide a safe and orderly work environment.
TOPS - Team Oriented Problem Solving: Management processes will provide Team Member participation in problem-solving activities and involvement in the implementation of solutions.
Communications: Team Members will be provided the opportunity to participate in an active two-way flow of information leading to better understanding of the work environment and results of Company performance.


Personal Qualities: Team Members will pursue interpersonal characteristics that demonstrate honesty, respect and integrity with the Company’s 6 core constituencies.
Attendance, Absence or Lateness: Team Members will arrive every scheduled work day on time and provide notification in sufficient time to permit the rescheduling of work effort in the case of late arrivals.
Quality: Team Members will apply the work procedures required to ensure that the company’s products are produced to meet customer expectations and specifications.
Safety: Team Members will work in a safe manner as instructed using good judgment and full utilization of all required safety equipment and apparel as required by company policy.
Productivity: Team Members will fully utilize work time with a work effort consistent with defined procedures that includes the operation, care and maintenance of equipment.
Personal Development: Team Members will participate in the development and utilization of personal abilities to the fullest extent, including the training and education provided by the company.
Continuous Improvement: Team Members will contribute to the TOPS process and method of improving Quality, Safety, and Productivity in the work environment.



High School or better.


1-2 years: Mechanical Aptitude Experience assembling custom machinery a plus

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Location: Union Gap, WA
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Base Pay: DOQ

Posted on October 19, 2020

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