Maintenance Technician - Toppenish, WA

Employer: City of Toppenish

Job Description:
General Summary This is a generic description of the maintenance duties found in the Public Works Department, which includes water, sewer, street maintenance, storm water, street sweeping, solid waste, park grounds, swimming pools, street signage, cemetery, building/facilities, etc. related activities. Perform installation, repair or maintenance duties in support of public works or parks projects. Repair and/or maintain related equipment.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities Perform a variety of installation, repair or maintenance duties in support of public works or parks and recreation projects.

Perform maintenance support to projects in areas such as water, sewer, street maintenance, parks, pools, storm water, street sweeping, solid waste, street signage, cemetery, building/facilities, etc.

Inspect, maintain, replace, repair and install water and sewer lines.

Provide swimming pool maintenance.

Perform road repairs, fire-hydrant maintenance, street signage replacement/repair, street grading, snow removal, etc.

Maintain park grounds, flower beds, etc. by cleaning up refuse, mowing, irrigation, etc.

Operate refuse trucks and equipment, perform routine maintenance, and collect refuse/garbage.

Provide maintenance/operation support to the cemetery.

Install water meters/services.

Perform maintenance and repair work on equipment and vehicles.

Cut grass, weed, prune trees, spray, remove brush, and/or provide other vegetation control services.


Set up facilities as required for special events.

Secondary Functions Maintain city buildings.

Remove graffiti.

Perform other related duties as assigned

Job Scope Job encounters a wide diversity of work situations. Job involves a moderate degree of complexity or difficulty due to the variety of maintenance assignments. Operate from established and well known procedures. Performs duties with little direction given. Work is normally checked or verified by own supervisor. Errors in work or judgment could result in additional costs, delays or liabilities to the City. Decisions are normally made within City organization policy constraints.

Supervisory Responsibilities Job is not supervisory in nature.

Interpersonal Contacts Contacts are normally made with others both inside and outside of City government. Contacts are normally made verbally on a face-to-face basis with others who are employed by the city. Contacts may contain some discussion about confidential/sensitive matters. Contacts are usually made on own initiative.

Specific Job Skills Possess a good and varied knowledge of Public Works maintenance processes, techniques, materials and equipment. Ability to operate a variety of power and hand tools, trucks, and heavy equipment. Possess good interpersonal skills and the capacity for teamwork. Ability to use discretion in all contacts. Ability to perform problem analysis, perform basic math, creatively solve work problems, and provide a high level of customer service. Ability to speak, read, write, and understand English. Ability to make decisions based on sound judgment leading to logical conclusions. Mental activities required include using independent judgment, decision making, applying interpersonal and customer service skills, and participating in a team environment. Physical activities require complete motions of the body to complete public works maintenance and repair work. Ability to talk and hear. Possess an appropriate driver’s license for the equipment operated.

License Requirements Valid State Class B Commercial Driver’s License

Education and/or Experience High school education or vocational training specializing in mechanics, grounds maintenance, welding, and/or related areas and a minimum of two to four years practical experience, or equivalent. Position may require other specific certifications related to the work performed.

Job Conditions Job may require substantial physical effort at times. Job requires long periods of standing. Ability to lift and/or carry up to 60 pounds. Required to operate potentially hazardous tools and equipment. May have exposure to hazardous fumes and/or chemicals. Maybe required to be in an “on-call” status. Perform work in various types of extreme weather conditions.

Contact Person:
Location: Toppenish, WA
Application Method: Fill out application online and email along with resume and cover letter to
Base Pay: $3,479-$4,358/month

Posted on October 13, 2020

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