Operator Assistant - Yakima, WA

Employer: Shields

Job Description:
Job Title:
Operator Assistant
Entry Level Starts at $15.00

Position Summary:
To ensure that product is being inspected for quality including, size, print and seal quality prior to shipment to customer. Accurate packaging and data collection for each order. Each employee should have a working understanding of their role in supporting the Food Safety Management System and the food safety hazards of the job to which they are assigned. Under the direction of the Operator and or Production Supervisor, the Operator Assistant will ensure that product is being inspected prior to shipment to customers.

Essential Functions & Key Responsibilities:
Quality Control:
Responsible for checking job ticket extrusion instructions
Noting any size or gauge tolerances
Noting any special packaging or labeling instructions
Checking product to ensure it conforms to job ticket specs.
Verifying size and seal
Completing “Size and Seal” Chart (not S.P.C. Charts)
Must understand importance of size and seal checks
Verifying that gussets are set up correctly
Check bags for defects
Gels, blending problems
Dirty Die Face
Must be able to check bag with sample to ensure print is correct
Have operator verify ink color on sample swatch & monitor ink color
Check product for treat
Calculate bag weight in computer
Responsible for proper packaging of products
Must obtain proper packaging information from job ticket
Should know pallet and crib sizes
Should be familiar with different box sizes
Need to know location of packaging supplies
Need to make up three hour supply of boxes/supplies
Product must be packaged in a neat and professional manner
Bags should be packaged neatly
Data Collection:
Responsible for entering production in computer
Must understand importance of correct data entries
Must weigh every other roll/box & notify operator if not correct
Roll stock – all rolls must be weighed
Must track all scrap and make entries in data collection
Responsible for correct job start and stop times
Accurate Roll and Case Weight:
Must weigh every other roll/box and notify operator if weight changes +/- 5% of target
Roll stock - 18" and above: Every roll must be weighed
2-up and 4-up rolls -18" and below: Must alternate weighing the top and bottom sets during roll change
Bins of bags: Must weigh complete layers as per QC check-sheet
On start-ups, change-overs, or shift change: Every roll/box and layer in the bins must be weighed until the target weight is achieved.
Must obtain proper labeling information from job ticket
Responsible for printing labels
Labeling must be done correctly and neatly
Labels should be centered and lined up on the box
Must ensure that pallet/bin labels are correctly completed
Responsible for inserting a white label, with correct weight, into core
Train for operator duties and responsibilities, including being able and willing to learn downstream equipment and maintenance operations
Should be able to perform basic adjustments on bag machinery, including changing curtains during downtime, changing knife blades, adjusting length during changeovers, adjusting web tension and initial seal setup.
Should be able to thread all downstream equipment
Must have basic understanding of extrusion process
Should be able to make minor adjustments to stripper to improve bag delivery
Should be able to adjust tension on winder and understand how it affects the roll
Must be able to keep tools and miscellaneous metal parts off floor (out of scrap)

Candidate Requirements:
High School Diploma or GED preferred
Previous manufacturing experience preferred
Ability to read a tape measure
Basic math skills required
Good communication skills required
Ability to pass a color blind test
Some previous computer data entry preferred

Contact Person:
Location: Yakima, WA
Application Method: https://careers.novolex.com/Shields/job/Yakima-Operator-Assistant-WA-98902/635867600/
Base Pay: Starting $15/hour

Posted on October 05, 2020

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