"Living the Dream": A Perry Tech Machining Grad's Story

July 10, 2018

Yakima, WA – July 10, 2018 – Each Perry Tech grad has a unique story to tell about the journey that brought them their definition of success. It’s a step forward when they decide to enroll and invest in their education, but for some, the sacrifice can seem intimidating. That was more than true for Mark Sanchez, who attended Perry Tech from 2009-2011. Although the decision to stop working and go back to school wasn’t an easy one, he pushed through obstacles to get a hold of the right resources and become what he is today.

He wrote a letter to Perry Tech President Christine Coté about what his education meant to him:


To Miss Christine Coté,
My name is Mark Sanchez and I graduated from PTI in the machine program in 2011. When I enrolled in 2009, I was starting all over again. Moving back in with my mom, while my friends were starting their careers was a little depressing. Some days were tough and sometimes money was tight. But we made it through with Perry's scholarships and other programs. While I was attending PTI, my dream was simple. A small house with a backyard, garage, a good job with a great company, and a family.
My dream has turned into reality. I've been working as a machinist for the Boeing Company for 4 years and I recently got married on April 14th. I bought a three bedroom house with a big backyard and a garage in a quiet neighborhood (when?). But this never would have happened if I didn’t attend Perry. I wouldn’t have gained back my confidence. I wouldn’t have learned the skills to be a good machinist. I wouldn’t be living my life but instead simply dreaming it away. Attending Perry was more than gaining a trade and education. I gained an identity and work ethic to be successful in any endeavor. I am forever grateful.
I am, literally living the dream.
 -Mark A. Sanchez



One of the obstacles Mark faced was coming up with the finances to pursue his dream to become a skilled Machinist. Scholarships proved key in his journey to success. Would you partner with us to see students like Mark accomplish their goals? Donors like you are essential to stories like his.

To donate securely and help students like Mark, please do so on our website at perrytech.edu/give or call our Foundation Office at 509-453-0374 extension 5728. 


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