The Importance of Essential Skills at Perry Tech

December 17, 2018

It’s said that technical skills get you hired, and essential skills keep you hired.

At Perry Tech, the next generation of workers is learning the skills necessary to excel in their roles. To become valuable employees not only for their technical skills, but also for their ability to learn essential skills and become well-rounded leaders in the workplace. It has been shown that these essential skills such as punctuality, professionalism, strong work ethic, and communicating effectively are things that set Perry grads apart from other employees.

This sentiment echoes the motto you’ll find written on our walls: “Treat every day in the classroom as if it is the world of work.” 

At the beginning of the day you’ll find students clocking in as if they were on the job. Punctuality carries over into professionalism, explains Associate Dean of Education Jason Lamiquiz. “Students are required to notify their instructors before the start of class if they are going to be absent or late. Students also attend several sessions with the Career Services team learning about soft skills and how these skills are used to connect with employers.”

A recent survey by CareerBuilder found that 62 percent of employers rate these soft skills as very important when looking for new hires. A study by The Wall Street Journal also found that nearly 90 percent of executives are having a hard time finding workers with these vital people skills. Perry Tech has continually built upon the tradition of preparing students for the workforce and has added essential skills as a requirement of preparing students to fill the needs of industry. 

“We hear employers asking for employees who can show up on time every day, communicate effectively, work well with others, and dress professionally,” says Valerie Ryan, Department Head of the Business Technology & Accounting program. “At Perry Tech we are working hard to prepare our students to be successful employees with a culture of professionalism.” In our programs that includes expecting everything from a positive attitude to professional work attire.

Dean of Education Nathan Hull explains why it’s not enough to just look good on paper these days. “We are conditioning students to respond in a professional manner in the working world. Students are evaluated daily on the proper use of language, etiquette, timeliness, and behavioral appropriateness. These traits, combined with the technical skills that we teach, help bridge the gap between education and industry. To me, valuing essential skills as a school means that we truly care about the well-being of the students and their success in the industry.”

Valerie Ryan says helping students grow in their essential skills has been fulfilling. “Not everyone has had a positive, professional role model in his or her life. It’s an honor to be that for our students, and it’s very rewarding when our students succeed!” 

Thanks to the unique combination of technical and soft skills, Perry Tech students are succeeding. The school currently boasts a 94% placement rate for students going to work directly in their fields of study.

The Importance of Essential Skills at Perry Tech
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