A Business Technology and Accounting Grad’s Journey

March 21, 2018

Yakima, WA – March 21, 2018 –  After having to take medical leave from work, Steven Newman realized he needed to make a life change. He decided to take a chance and switch career paths to get where he wanted to be. “After a tour of Perry Tech, I felt this was a good fit for me,” explained Steven. Ready for something new, he enrolled in the Business Technology and Accounting program. He began to learn skills which gave him the confidence and conviction to reach his goals in the business world.

“Perry Tech prepared me for success by providing me with a solid base to live by in business,” said Steven. “This was accomplished both by work assignments and also the environment created and supported by our instructors. When I transitioned from school directly into the office, I found my life to be similar in so many ways. I believe Perry Tech had an impact by making the transition from education to the workplace a perfect fit.”

“Steven loves learning and likes to know the ‘why’ behind a concept,” said Valerie Ryan, head of Perry Tech’s BTA program. “It was a pleasure to have him in our department, and it has been fun to keep in touch after graduation to hear about his career.”

After graduation, Steven accepted a position as the Purchasing and Inventory Agent for Inspire Development Centers, a non-profit organization in Sunnyside. “The skills that I learned while in Perry Technical Institute’s BTA program were very helpful in giving me confidence in my pursuit. The hours, the dress code, and office training have all been put to good use. I am very thankful.”

Steven says the journey has been demanding, but worth it. “The decision to go back to school for me was not an easy one. It was a humbling experience after spending most of my life trying to gain experience and then finding that I was helpless without extended education. Perry Tech welcomed me right from the start, to my first tour, to my testing, and to my first day in class.”

A Business Technology and Accounting Grad’s Journey
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